Keeping Your MLM Training Fresh

Those first months of owning and running an MLM are so exciting that the enthusiasm naturally boils over into your MLM training. But what happens when the enthusiasm wavers and the work takes over? All too often, trainings take the hit and become dry and quick. People want to spend more time building their business and less time learning about it, you have a larger downline to manage and less time to think about fun training games. It might seem like a losing game, but never fear. The following tips can rejuvenate your training schedule with so much energy it is bound to flow over into your business.

Consider first your location. Many people find their downline spread over many mile and maybe even many states. It might seem insurmountable to get them all together, but a training vacation or retreat in a central location might be just what your group needs to reinvest and get excited again. There are several advantages to this plan. First, a change in location is always helpful in changing frame of mind. Psychologists have long known this. Second, getting your team together can inspire everyone. Those who are selling best might feel renewed excitement as they get to help newer members of the team learn the ropes. Those who are straggling behind might feel a renewed sense of competition and excitement with the acquisition of new skills. Everyone will appreciate the camaraderie of getting to know the rest of the team.

If a vacation or retreat is really out of the question, look towards videoconferencing to add a fresh face to your trainings. With video conferencing, your team can see you and will connect to you more than by reading a simple email. Many companies now host this solution, allowing your downline to watch at their leisure, and the company keeps track of who watches.

Finally, offer prizes and incentives for completing training. A point system can give your downline members something tangible to work with, earning points towards prizes or money. While this costs an investment on your part, you reap the rewards in heightened sales and member satisfaction.

Keeping mlm training fresh can be a difficult task, but with these hints. You can recreate the face of your trainings into something your downline won’t want to miss.

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