Know What You Want and Seek It!

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you think you can, you
probably can, and if you think you can’t you are probably
right”? It’s not just a catchy little rhyme and you
should seriously think about what it is saying. We really
can limit ourselves when we believe that we can’t do
something, we don’t know enough, we can’t afford it, we
don’t have time, or that we always fail. After all why even
try if we already (think) we know that we can’t do it? So
we won’t; or we will quit trying.

On the other side of the same coin, if we really believe
that we can do something – even if we don’t know how – we
become determined to do just what we really want to do.
When we encounter obstacles they won’t become a permanent
barrier, but merely some detail that needs to be resolved.
Depending on how important the issue is to us we will take
various steps to arrive at the conclusion we want and
believe we can arrive at.

Being human we are fallible and even vulnerable; therefore
we must do everything we can to ‘shore up’ our defenses.
Often times the worst enemy or problem we have is our own
mind. Just as we need to eat nutritious food and get plenty
of exercise, rest and relaxation to keep our immune systems
strong, we also need to ‘feed’ our minds and spirits to
keep them strong.

Keeping our minds and spirits in top shape may require
constant exercise if you have either in the past been in an
environment that was not supportive and affirming, or you
have had ‘bad luck’ and tough breaks, then you
particularly need to convince yourself that you can and will
do whatever it is you set out to do.

Some of the greatest, most compelling success stories start
out with a tragic past or what to some would seem to be
insurmountable odds. It is almost as if the harder someone
has to push uphill, the stronger they become in spirit,
versus those that always had it easy and may become

How does this apply to a home business start-up? It won’t
be easy. There will be some obstacles. You will have to work
hard, maybe without seeing results at first. Your people
will express doubt. You will hear about all the horror
stories and while what you are hearing may or may not be
true, you do need to be sensible and do your ‘homework’.
There are also a number of successful home business
entrepreneurs who are average people just like you.

However, you have to realize that what has happened to
someone else either bad or good, does not necessarily mean
it is relevant to you and your individual situation. With
that said, it will help if you can envision yourself as one
of the people who do succeed, rather than to identify with
the ones who didn’t, for obvious reasons.

The answer? Start talking to yourself – all the time.
Enumerate the various things you have done where you
succeeded, the things you are proud of, your various
accomplishments, no matter how small. When you hear the evil
voices telling you that you will fail or you can’t, just
actively replace those thoughts with good ones. If not what
you are proud of, then think about things that you like –
situations and things that make you happy – foods, music,
places, smells, sights and people, and imagine yourself in
their presence having a great time. Yes you can.

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