Learn The One Secret Highly Successful Network Marketers Know

Network marketing is likely one of the more brilliant systems because it enables common people to develop a profitable home business. Network marketing makes sense in its simplicity. It can also importantly allow a person to start a business with very little money.

You can enjoy the benefits of having your own business and at the same time utilizing the resources of a large corporation. The marketer can focus on what they need to do to make money and leave the details like product development, customer service and accounting to the affiliate or network marketing company.

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A very good question then is why so many fail in network marketing? There is really a high failure rate, one of the main reasons being because people quit too soon; however at the same time many are wildly successful. The successful marketers will gladly join any feasible network marketing program that comes into their sphere and they will be making a lot of money in a reasonably brief period (under a year). Sadly, at the same time the same people who usually will fail regardless of what program they join fail again. Why?

There are multiple factors that contribute to success or failure. If you consider what the average network marketer is doing you will quickly realize they are usually focused on the product or service. This point is very subtle so you may have to think about it. What the successful entrepreneurs are focused on is marketing. They eat, sleep and dream marketing 24/7.

This is a critical point. People are just so convinced that their success is dependent on having the best widget. Not true. It’s not what you sell but how you sell it! Why? Because people are emotional and all you have to do is compel them to buy it and if they are attracted to you and for whatever reason trust you, they will follow. People are not always logical as much as they are emotional. So emotion compels because it is stronger than the ability to be logical all the time. This is why great salespeople focus on eliciting an emotional response. This is done through compelling marketing and advertising.

It is very important on many different levels that you do not interpret this to mean that product or service quality is not important. It is definitely important. Poor quality is the death knell of a business. Not to mention the lack of ethics in selling something that is substandard or downright malfunctioning. Whether or not you honor guarantees and refunds you just can’t run a business like that for long.

Many companies have great products and services. In any industry there will be numerous competitors that offer similar quality products and services. What separates them is the perception of the prospects and customers. Bottom line is this: Having a good product or service is important but it is not critical as to why people buy it. You will always have competition, old and new. They may be equal in quality, price and level of service. However, if people buy it from you, it will be because of an emotional response to you.

Howard Whittington

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