Learning How to Write Good Internet Sales Copy

There is a technique known as ’emotional writing’ that we should all keep in mind when trying to write something for blog or article marketing, or just writing ad copy. This is a big challenge for new marketers who aren’t quite sure what to say since they don’t yet have any experience. As well learning to write well is an important element in acquiring the ability to compel people to believe what you say and follow you.

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There are many sites that discuss this if you google ’emotional writing’. One that is particularly good and includes lists of ‘power words’ for various different emotions, is http://boostblogtraffic.com/power-words/. For example look at the difference here:

(a) ‘XYZ is a good program where people can make money.’

(b) ‘The XYZ Co. is a jaw-dropping opportunity where people are earning massive profits every day.’

See the excitement that is generated by these ‘power words’ (jaw-dropping and massive)? You want to really grab people with your words and cause them to want to read the rest of your article. So you want to start with the power words particularly in the Title and first few sentences.

It is said if you don’t catch people in the first few seconds, they will just leave the site and you will never get a chance to tell them your story, whatever it is. If you are writing straight sales copy for an ad or sales page then you have the benefit of being able to use larger fonts and some colors like a little red. (don’t overdo it) – just enough to catch their attention. With some blogging platforms you can also use color and formatting but with others you have to rely on words alone.

People really don’t seem to understand the true value of a blog – maybe because it is free – but free is one reason they are so valuable as a tool for marketing and sales. They say people do not log on to the Internet specifically to buy something, but instead to find information. So the idea is to provide good, interesting information that has value. It is always a good idea to monetize your blog discreetly so that they can generate a direct sale while they are there – or at least know where to come back to when they are ready to buy.

One other (main) reason a blog is a valuable tool is that if you want to get free traffic from the search engines, you should always have fresh content on your blog or website. The robots crawl your site periodically and if they do not find anything new they will just leave the site. However if they find a new blog post or article, they will re-index your site. This results in your link moving to a higher position in their search results, making it more likely someone will find your site.



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