Lost Your Job? Can’t Find a New One?

For whatever reasons, sometimes the economy, sometimes just because you can’t find the job that fits your skill set, it is really difficult to find a new job. You may have already been bitten by the little bug that is telling you to start your own online business.

job or own business?

It takes time to develop something so in the meantime you should be going on interviews and carrying on as you would normally to find either part-time or full-time work. However that little voice may start making you feel really picky and you may not realize you really don’t want another job and you are going through the motions out of financial necessity.

It is very critical of course that you be able to support yourself right now and in the future so that should be your first consideration. However, if you really feel that little bug then you need to listen to him and start doing a little research and etc. to see what you could get going online. It is pretty clever to say that you couldn’t find a job so you made one for yourself!

The best thing about it is you can start it one way – the quickest, easiest, most inexpensive way – (affiliate marketing) and then as time goes on develop something that is more closely aligned to your interests and skills. You can even jump ahead in your imagination to the day when your part-time online career is making enough steady money that you can consider quitting the day job you got and working at home full-time.

Dream on but that day may be far in the future and you should never consider doing that until you are sure you can replace your income and pay all your living expenses. This is not something you want to gamble with or speculate. Any new business or new job is speculating – you don’t know if it will work out. You need to cover yourself as well as possible in any case.

Remember that although working from home online is glorious, being self-employed, you do not have access to unemployment insurance and other insurance benefits. So that is why it may be a good idea to keep at least a part-time job for quite some time while you are building your online business. You can of course buy private health insurance and it is a lot cheaper now than it ever has been for an individual.

Whatever way it shakes out, you can make your dream happen, keep the little voice happy and take good care of yourself.

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