Making Money Online With Transcription

The transcription field is a growing home business. Many companies will allow you to work from home and send the completed file back to them through email. There are three types of transcription, which are general, legal, and medical. General transcription is the easiest and quickest to get started in since it doesn’t normally require any experience.

General transcription companies normally require that you type at least 70 words per minute, have a foot pedal, a reliable computer with high speed Internet, and noise canceling headphones. The equipment can be purchased online at places like Ebay or Amazon.

In order to find general transcription companies, you can sign up at a transcription or work from home forum to gain access to the folders. The transcriptions folders will let you know what it takes to become a transcriber and what companies hire general transcriptionist.

Before you apply to companies, you may want to have a little bit of experience. You can also ask and accept overflow work from other members in the forum. The forum member will generally send you instructions on how to complete the file. It is also important to make sure you complete the file before the deadline.

There are a couple of companies that will hire beginners. They are low paying, but it will give you an opportunity to gain experience, so you can apply to hirer paying companies. You can of course obtain your own clients and make more money from home. You can even set up a Google AdWords webpage. With Google AdWords, you will have the opportunity to use their keyword tool that will allow you to choose the best keywords to get more traffic to your site.

In no time, clients will start contacting you for your services. By obtaining your own clients, you can set your own rates. For example, there are some transcribers who charge $70 for a 60 minute audio. Another thing to remember is to let the clients know when you can have the work completed. A good turnaround time is between 24 to 48 hours for 60 minutes of audio. You can also ask for upfront payments if you feel uncomfortable with completing the work for first time clients.

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