Need to Write a Headline in a Hurry? Try Using These Headline Templates

Sometimes you don’t have hours to write and mull over headlines. When that happens, use these templates to speed up the headline writing process.


Need to Write a Headline in a Hurry? Try Using These Headline Templates

1: Get [desired result] in [time period]

This is a promise that is delivered in a certain time period.


How to get the perfect body in 61 days

How to become debt free in less than one year

Guys: Become a dating master in 72 hours

2: [Social proof] Ask a question

You’re providing social proof that what you say is true. And by asking a question, you’re actively involving the reader in the topic.


1,126 Women Lost Weight with Us. Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Borrows Institute Declares Our Math Tutoring The Best Ever. Can We Help Your Struggling Student Excel at Math?

This Man Started and Sold 6 Companies for $9,567,453 in Profit. Can He Help You Start Yours?

3: [Number] Lies About [Something]

Anytime someone is being lied to, they want to know what the lies are and why they’re being told.


5 Lies Your Broker Is Telling You About The Stock Market

3 Lies About Heart Attacks In Women: Believe Them At Your Own Risk

7 Horrible Lies The Cancer Industry Is Using To Keep You Sick

4: [Problem?] [Secret Surprising Shocking Solution]

Anytime you hint that you have information that’s not readily available to the public, or that most people don’t know, you’ll make people curious enough to find out more.

Use words like secret, shocking, surprising, little known, finally revealed and so forth to communicate that you’ve got something interesting to share.


Aphids Eating Your Plants? Surprising Home Remedy Kills Aphids Dead without Poisoning Your Harvest

Is Your Dog’s Behavior Driving You Crazy? Little known Training Trick Makes Dogs Listen to Your Every Command

Can’t Afford College? The Secret to Getting PAID to Go to University

5: The [New Product or Method] that [Somebody] Now Loves

If your audience is skeptical of your product, or if your product is brand new and no one’s heard of it, this can be a great headline.


The New Weight Loss Method that Medical Doctors Recommend to Their Patients

The Strange Home Remedy that Psoriasis Sufferers Love

The So-Called ‘Scam’ Investment System that Insiders are Secretly Using to Make Fortunes

6: [Authority Figure] [New Information]

For the ‘authority figure’ you can use a celebrity, an authority in your niche, a particular organization or whatever.


Brad Pitt Reveals His #1 Strategy for Getting Over a Failed Relationship

The Exact System Warren Buffet Uses to Double His Money Daily

3 out of 4 World Chess Champions Use This Program to Improve Their Game

7: [Problem] [Solution]

This one is straight forward and easy to use.


Investors Are Losing Everything in This Volatile Market: How to Safeguard Your Money While Earning 10-16% Interest

Over 50 and Tired all the time? How to Have More Energy than a 20 Year Old.

Can’t Get Dates Because You’re Not Skinny? How to Have Men Begging to Go Out with You Regardless of Your Weight

And there you have it – 7 headline formulas you can use for subject lines, book titles and of course headlines.

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