Network Marketing and Children

As children, we all dream of exciting and fast-paced careers, but we usually never expect the excitement of balancing network marketing with children in the mix. This lifestyle, while very rewarding, can keep a busy parent on the verge of crisis without some careful planning. The following ideas can help parents achieve their business dreams while providing a quality home life for their children.

First, look for help. Start out by hiring a local college student, preferably an education major or child development major, to come out to your house a few nights a week. Finding a student who can handle dinner and bath time is even better. This person can provide you with uninterrupted work and call time while your children are cared for by developing experts in the field.

Second, plan for your family needs in advance. On Sunday, take some time to plan meals, assemble ingredients at the store, organize a family calendar, and communicate with your children and partner your needs for work through the week. Pre-planning can reduce a lot of stress. Communicating your needs can help children accept your absences or inability to play.

Third, communicate with your children when you will be available. When kids know their boundaries and the imminent rewards they can receive if they let mom or dad get their work done, they are much more cooperative. A set play time every night can b an event you all look forward to, and can avoid hurt feelings when you have to get your work done.

Raising a family is a challenge for anyone, but there is never a dull moment when you have a family and a network marketing business. With a little planning and help, though, you can enjoy both.

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