New Home Business Blog – Creating Valuable Content

Using your blog is one of the most intelligent ways to
promote your business website and/or your business
opportunities, services and products. Intelligent because
it is free; intelligent because it is permanent advertising
for the life of your domain registration or blog address;
intelligent because it is using the power of the search
engines in your favor (if done correctly); intelligent
because it will bring you free, ‘targeted’ traffic (the
best kind of traffic).

You will undoubtedly hear the sayings ‘content is king’
and ‘provide value’. Content as king would provide
valuable information that may help others as well as to
attract people to you and your business. If you write good
value content, you may begin to be regarded as an ‘expert’
in your field. You will be able to use your valuable
content as a way to build relationships of trust.
Subliminally you may even cause someone to feel that they
owe you because your information has helped and inspired
them and ideally when they get ready to take action, they
will do business with you.

So do you think pushing or selling is providing value? Not
really. Actually it can have the opposite effect. There are
relationship experts who will tell you that if you are using
‘convincing behaviors’, the only thing you will get in
return is resistance. Think about how you feel when you are
‘put on the spot’ – when you have to make a decision right
then – yes or no. Saying Yes requires some thought and
analysis (time) particularly if the decision involves money.
Saying No is much easier; you’re done; case closed.

So again we are back at just provide information – share
your opinion certainly but initially you should just be
laying the groundwork or planting the seeds. Let the person
breathe a little and have some time to consider what you
have given them. Invite them to ask questions in a casual
way – not ‘do you have any questions?’ – but ‘if you have
any questions after you have had a chance to read this, then
here is my email, phone, Skype or whatever, get in touch any

You will do best with your home business blog if you are
mindful of these points, because if your posts are nothing
more than ‘spammy’ advertisements, that is how they will
be seen, rather than as having any real ‘value’. There is
another saying, ‘it’s not what you say but how you say
it’ – So of course it is fine to promote your business by
pointing out the best features or reporting how you have had
so much success, are learning so much, love your team,
mentor or etc. (and why); and this is a long way from ‘hi,
buy this right now, for instant magical wealth without
working’ and putting the affiliate link to your program.

If you want to maximize your potential with the search
engines, you should do some keyword research and find
meaningful phrases that apply to your site and the content
you are providing. You should use it in the title and a few
times in the text – but do not over-do it.

Try to blog frequently – daily or weekly if possible. If
your blog is other than your website/domain, then be sure to
sign your blog articles with your name and the URL of your
site (whether or not you include links in the body of the
text regarding the programs you are promoting).

While your articles do not need to be Pulitzer prize level
writing, you should be careful about spelling and grammar
because there are people who will judge you and your
business ‘sense’ by the impression you make on them in
this regard. Always be honest – remember that if you use
the word ‘guarantee’ that you better be ready, willing and
able to honor that promise, because there are those people
who will hold you to it. You should never use the word
‘guarantee’ in conjunction with how much money someone can
make or by when, unless you are prepared to pony up that
amount of money if they didn’t earn as much as you
promised. Always be completely truthful in your claims.


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