New Home Business – Dig In and Stay In

It happens every day. Somebody joins a program and they are pretty stoked. They login and browse around, maybe watch a video. The program gave the new member a web page to advertise and maybe banners or other images. These are all attached to the Affiliate ID they gave you. Major clue: There is no magic that happens just by having a link somewhere on the Internet – you have to promote that link consistently and remain engaged in your program(s).

Keep up the good work -

There may be additional training resources included in your membership. Don’t ignore them; they are there to help you to learn to use the program and how to promote it to earn commissions. Not to mention it will likely have information that will be applicable to any programs you join. Do it soon but it doesn’t all need to be done in one day.

So now maybe you have a plan for your home business. What days or evenings you will commit to work on your online business. This would likely be after your day job and commute, after spending some time with your family and maybe after dinner. Maybe you have more time and energy to just commit to a few hours on the weekend.

Whatever it is you need some kind of a plan so that you do not ignore your home business. Although it runs automatically and since it is running is called ‘autopilot’; and it is true you can make a sale anytime 24/7; you don’t need to participate because the affiliate program will handle your transaction, track your commissions and even help your customer if they have a problem either pre-sale or post-sale.

You still need to be engaged – even in some little ways like checking your web page(s) are working; If you are paying for advertising, go find one and make sure they are really doing it (and you gave them the right instructions); login to your program and check for commissions; read any new communications posted by the company.

One of the most powerful and FREE ways to promote your business is by starting a blog and using it just as often as possible (daily is not always possible, so at least weekly). Don’t make it a spam job (just a blatant ad) – write something interesting – or even just write why you want a business at home, what you have been learning, your review of the program(s) you are promoting and include a hyperlink (clickable link) to that program.

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