New Opportunities With Free Social Media Marketing

With the new craze, social networking and bookmarking, there are lots of opportunities to promote Internet business through free social media marketing techniques. There are many different ways to be listed on these sites, many groups you can join and ‘friends’ that you can add.

On its face it looks like the beauty is in the fact that in your conversations with your friends, family, peers and associates that you can at the same time reach new contacts in an unobtrusive and natural way. However there are other things that are possible with a free social media marketing strategy as well.

For example if you type a comment and reference a link as your source or for further information, if that site is listed in that engine, it will automatically attach itself to your message – you can then choose to post the short paragraph that regards the link that pops up, or you can choose the paragraph plus an icon – an automatic advertisement for them to everyone who sees your post!

This is much the way that blog commenting has worked for many Internet marketers to build backlinks to their own sites from posts they make on someone else’s blog. These are valuable for search engine marketing and many hours are spent in developing a backlink network. Again the natural state of social networking as a medium for promoting your business is ideal.The more people you have in your network, the more prospective business partners and customers you will eventually acquire from that pool. As you participate in social network sites for whatever reason, you will be visible to more and more people and eventually you will likely realize an increase in your sales and organization.

If free social media marketing is to remain ‘user-friendly’, conducive to building relationships, and is to live up to its potential, it just can’t turn into a massive advertising bulletin board. This would be such a shame for online businesses.

Where people are too blatant with exploiting the opportunity to advertise, the environment becomes little more than a graffiti-strewn billboard. We have witnessed the erosion of so many formerly effective internet marketing mediums because of spam; and even with the appropriate rules, regulations and enforcement they are falling by the wayside as new technology emerges to replace them. However it seems as fast as they are built they begin to be torn down by miscreants. Let’s hope that is not the case with social networking

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