Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained – Start a Home Business

Are you someone who is not really happy with the status quo but you are not quite sure how to get around it? It’s really very simple. It just takes some initiative and motivation. You have the motivation in that you are not happy with the way things are or at least wish they could be different. If you focus on that it will compel you to take action after a while.

nothing ventured nothing gained

You do need to build on this and as you progress you will think of more aspects to feel motivated about. For example maybe to begin with you just wish you had more money and felt more challenged in what you do for a living. Down the line you may be more specific in that for example you wish you had more money so you could have the down payment to buy a new car, or some other desire you may have had for a while.

As for the challenged part this is more intangible than money but it is still important to your mindset. If you really feel that you could be accomplishing more than you do – then you can make it happen. If you are not feeling challenged then you are likely bored and feel like you are in a rut. This can really lead to depression year after year and affect other aspects of your life.

It is not likely your employer has any interest in giving you more interesting and challenging work to do unless there is an actual promotion in position someday. Of course you would always hope for that and strive to shine so that you may be considered for that new situation should it arise. This however may or may not ever happen, and there are a lot of ifs, ands, or buts if it ever does. In the meantime you are getting more and more disenchanted with your lot.

So this is where the initiative comes in to play. You need to just simply take action. There is nothing and nobody stopping you from starting your own part-time home business. You will have fun and feel challenged if you don’t mind a little extra work. You will make your ‘spare’ time productive and have a feeling of gratification that you have accomplished something.

So next time you come home from the hamster wheel (j-o-b) boot your computer up and start researching ‘online businesses’, ‘home businesses’ and ‘work from home’. You will see thousands of suggestions and you should take some time for a few days to read things and visit sites so that you have some ideas about what you might do to start a business. Then DO IT!

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