Online Business Opportunities and Reviewing ‘Scam Buster’ Websites

It is unfortunately true that there are dishonest business practices. The fact that people believe they are anonymous on the Internet has allowed there to be a frontier for dishonest schemes. There is dishonesty everywhere however and it is not something new to the Internet. So we do need ‘watchdogs’ that may reveal something that might protect us, but they should also be scrupulously honest and actually have provable evidence.

scam or not

However, some of the sites that claim to identify ‘scams’ are also suspect in that regard. It is common for these particular sites to base their ‘reviews’ on their own opinion or bias rather than on proven facts of which they have none. They can have their own agenda and exploit what is completely circumstantial to prove their point.

In particular this refers to a few of them that blatantly point out every perceived short-coming of a company and then, as if by coincidence just happen to be promoting a competitive opportunity that is so much better in their opinion. What a perfect way to make their company look great when it’s put up beside a company that is suspected of wrong doing, whether true or not.

It has been noted that some of the most famous ‘scam buster’ sites that have influence on people’s decisions, have in the past accepted money to remove negative reports and that has been brought to light (proven). We should never trust them after that. The result is that we are not getting the truth about a company that could pay to have their negative press eliminated. At the same time you may read that an innocent company is a scam because they did not pay to have the information removed when someone had a negative opinion about them whether fair or not.

This criticism is also extended to the fact that just any maniac can write a review and harm an innocent party online or on a social network. So someone who is disgruntled about something that didn’t go the way they would have liked, or is just a plain old malcontent that complains about everything and anything can really cast an innocent company in a bad light. Who knows that these people are not exactly honest? The harm is done to the company and the weirdo just walks on feeling proud they were able to inflict their hatred.

In many cases if you do your own due diligence you may be able to see the statements they are making are obviously not true. In many cases the person did not follow the directions or in fact even read them and then they were upset. Is that the company’s fault? In others the person did not even give something a fair chance but instead pronounced there to be something ‘wrong’ rather than to admit they don’t want to work but expected something for nothing.

So the moral of this story is check everything out for yourself thoroughly and if possible from multiple, unrelated sources. Don’t blindly believe anything either way. Find out for yourself if it is something you are interested in.

Howard Whittington

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