Online Training – Open Your Mind and Learn All You Can

There is a saying that goes something like ‘the only people who can’t learn are those that think they already know’. This is really sad because this is just the type of person who actually does not know and will probably never know unless they get over themselves. It’s fine to have an agenda and of course we all need some kind of a plan going into anything new. However it must be fairly flexible since we are in unknown territory.

learn something!

We should humble ourselves and possibly condescend to at least see what the training has to offer. If you encounter a few points you may already have heard or even if you have had some previous experience, there is always something more you can learn. Word-for-word you may have heard it before, but at some point you may see it from a completely different perspective. You may realize that there are different, equally valuable ways to look at the same situation, thus increasing your strategies.

A huge number of people will avail themselves to everything that is offered for free, but who have no intention of taking it seriously. For example they just want anything that is free because it is free. This is also really sad because if they followed the directions they may be able to start something where they could really make some money in the future. Maybe because it is free they don’t put any value on it and they just let it vegetate.

In some cases they may have some information that is decades old and/or may be free. In either case, it may be very ineffectual, or limited; but they stick with that rather than to find out what the better, more successful options might be. Again the sad part is they do it because they want so to feel like they know what to do and are in control, rather than to humble themselves to learn something.

Someday they may wonder why they never made any money and more than a few will blame the program or product before they will look at themselves and realize they wasted what may have been a good opportunity because they couldn’t be bothered. Granted the whole idea to a lot of us is to have a home business so that we don’t have to take orders from anybody else or do things someone else’s way.

That is legitimate. However the point is you need to know how to do something before you do it, and the best way to do that is to take advantage of any training or advice given by an expert who has actually had success in the field.

You need to take the ‘recipe’ or ‘blue print’ and you can then build on that to make it your own design. It takes time – experience and some trial and error to develop a business. However you can lessen the errors and the time it takes to get on the right path if you will just let somebody help you get started.

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