Potential Home Biz Entrepreneur

If you had $2 you could buy a candy bar today – delicious, instant gratification. However then think of what you have done. You gave yourself something you enjoyed and you are glad, and this is good. Even though you realize that the sugar in the candy bar is not that cool, you are still glad you did it. It’s ok because you don’t do it every day hopefully.

save it!
However, if you didn’t buy the candy bar you would still have the $2 right now. Can you see how you consumed that $2 in probably minutes? Could you consider that there are much better targets for your money if you are seriously trying to start an online home business? It’s true. The more you can focus on your business if it is actually a top priority, the better.

$2 doesn’t sound like much to work with – it just happens to be the average cost of a candy bar. However let’s say every time you crave a candy bar you put that money somewhere to save it for your future business operating account. Seriously do not ‘borrow’ from the piggy bank. Teach yourself discipline by continually focusing on the business you want.

Although starting an online business can be super-cheap or even free at least initially, you will still need a few dollars on hand for various requirements, whether it is an affiliate program membership fees or to register a domain name if you have your own website.

With your own professionally branded website there will likely also be hosting account fees. Domain is paid by the year for under $10 annually. Decent (reliable, fast) hosting accounts may run you an average of $10 a month, sometimes a bit less, for example if you can pay quarterly or wait for a special deal that may give you some money off for the sign-on deal.

Note: do not let the cost be the determining factor. Use reputation. The hosting account is a key element for a website, because it will not display your site if it is ‘down’ for technical reasons. The host should be able to fix the problem very quickly because your online ‘store’ is closed if your website is malfunctioning.

Some problems are easier to fix than others, so unless it is a constant problem you might give them the benefit of the doubt to some degree- but just for a reasonable period of time.

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