Realizing Your Dream – Internet Marketing

Do you remember when you were a kid and you dreamed about
what you want to be when you grow up? This likely changed
several times by the time you grew up! Then if you had an
idea of what you wanted to do with your life, you may have
gone to college to pursue that. You had to do research on
which colleges had the best curriculum, how much it costs to
go there, costs for living arrangements, etc. Then you
determined whether it was feasible for you or not at that
time. Do you have the grades to qualify for that school? Do
you have the money? If not, what loans are available to you?

The point is people don’t just sit there and dream and then
suddenly everything materializes so that they can realize
their dream. They have to do planning and research and then
develop that into a step-by-step process that will get them
to where they want to go. They also need the ability to
change direction if necessary, so the plans need to be both
focused and flexible.

If they do go to school, when they graduate it will be the
same type of routine where they will need to find the
companies that hire whatever particular speciality they had
pursued. Where is the company located? Would they need to
move if you they were hired? Who do they need to see to get
the job? Will the company pay them what they are expecting?
Will they be willing to compromise if not? Will the company
representatives like them and offer them a job after their

Your plans are usually dependent on outside forces as well
as your own resources as far as if you can make it happen –
and importantly, if not, what other options do you have? It
is always best to plan for contingencies no matter what.
Reality is such that we shouldn’t ever be caught off-guard
if anything unexpected happens. This can mean something as
simple as always remembering to have a savings account so
that you have resources to survive no matter what, and
ideally to be able to pursue your dreams.

If your dream is to create a business in the Internet
marketing industry, then all of the above applies. It seems
to attract its share of ‘mavericks’, as entrepreneurs do
not necessarily have college degrees. They just need
initiative and motivation and be willing to learn. Of
course there are other options to learning other than
college, and many resources are available on the Internet
itself; so if someone decides that they want to go their own
way and start their own business, then they would find out
what it is they need to do and how and where to learn how to
do it.

There are as many aspects or possible avenues to this as
with anything else. You might want to be a web designer
which along with computer programming would probably take
some real solid instruction as they are both technical and
as such are very exact sciences. This would be starting at
the top and something that more than likely would take quite
a while to master to the degree that you could build
websites or develop systems.

Never fear there are less skilled jobs you can do in
Internet marketing. For example you could start your own
affiliate membership program and be a mentor or coach,
teaching and guiding your members who want to start an
online business. In that case maybe you could hone up with
some courses from an online community college in sales and
marketing, business management and communications. If you
enjoy working with people then this might become your

However maybe you are not all that ambitious or are unsure
what way you want to go at this point. Then ‘test the
waters’ by doing something less involved, such as just
becoming an affiliate and focus on being a super affiliate
in the future. Learn the ins and outs of the industry in
that way; something like ‘working your way up’ the
proverbial ‘corporate ladder’. Determining what the
difficulties may be for people, as well as the best
techniques and strategies for marketing and advertising
online would definitely help you get information and
experience. Down in the trenches is a very effective place
to learn and then you can share with those that come behind

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