Search Words to Help You Dig Deeper

Let’s say you’re researching a topic. Maybe you’re looking for product ideas, trying to find out what people want, or making an outline for your next project.


Search Words to Help You Dig Deeper

Sometimes you don’t know where to start or how to dig deeper, which is why I’m sharing my list of what I call auxiliary keywords. Just add these words to your own keywords [your key word plus one keyword below] and start searching.

  • Learn

  • Training

  • Buy

  • Tip

  • Instructions

  • Tutorial

  • Help

  • Locator

  • Problem

  • Solution

  • Idea

  • Advice

  • Begin

  • Free

  • Viral

  • Strategies

You can also use this in combination. For example, “Dog training free tips.” Try adding these words to your searches and you might be surprised where they lead and what you discover about your own market.

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