Some Online Money Making Secrets

Major clue: If you want to make money you have to work. It is always the same realistic principle whether you are working from home on the Internet, or if you have a job outside your home. You may have different duties and protocols, however there are things that must be done in order to succeed. Sorry, but working diligently is the only way to make money unless you win the lotto, have substantial investments or inherit a fortune. No magic or gimmicks.

it's no secret

It is assumed by some that by virtue of the Internet they will make money instantly from having a link or web page. Some will join programs multiple times and believe it is always the programs that either do not work or are outright scams. Over and over they are in denial that the reason they do not work is only bcause they do not do anything to promote them.

Common sense will tell you there is a common denominator here and it is not the Internet. It may be true that marketing hype does not really make it clear that work and time is involved in accomplishing anything. On the other hand, it’s also not true that what the ads say is not possible to achieve. Both involve experience and expertise which anyone can acquire if they just try.

Money making secrets would include affiliating yourself with or creating a successful program or business. Maybe just doing it a little better or in a slightly different way would make the difference between ‘making it or breaking it’. One of the best things about developing your own business is you can start with one thing and end up with something completely different. You are not locked in to anything.

Now for the ‘It’s no secret’ department: Unless you are somewhat consistently aggressive in gaining exposure for your opportunity over time, nobody will see your ads and hence there is very little chance you will ever generate any sales. It doesn’t matter if you have the best mousetrap, the most gorgeous website or total eloquence, if people can’t see it they won’t know unless you put it in front of them – millions of them online. Don’t be the best kept little secret on the Internet.

Being as aggressive as you need to be to succeed will require discipline and a working knowledge of basic Internet marketing techniques. That is basic will do nicely but of course you will eventually learn more advanced techniques as you go along and if you can you may employ them. The bottom line is you must treat your business like a job. Be accountable and stay motivated to do the best you can at all times no matter what may be going on otherwise or even the fact you may not see any results yet.

Howard Whittington

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