Some Tips for Writing Content for Internet Marketing Businesses

Writing is one of the key skills for Internet marketing. People sometimes don’t realize that they write sufficiently well to do just fine in creating their own content for their Internet businesses. It seriously does not need to be Pulitzer Prize quality writing. It just needs to be clear enough that average people can read and understand it – and using a few of the relevant principles you can make it compelling enough that people will actually read it.

content is king!

There are many areas that you would create written content for, including both short and long advertisements, blog posts, autoresponder (follow-up or newsletter) messages and website pages. If you write articles you can build backlinks by publishing them in article directories, hub pages and Skidoo lenses. You will find opportunities to write arise in creating pages in social networks and participating in business forums.

These are all mediums in which you could stimulate traffic and sales activity for your business, and as such you should consider using everything at your disposal in that regard. The writing that you do for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes (blogs, articles, pages, etc.) present some nice possibilities for planning and formulating your content, and you can even ‘harvest’ just a few sentences from that for advertisements.

This can happen if you do some research on your relevant keywords – that is words that relate directly to your business (niche), service or product. By searching in a keyword tool application for a root phrase you will not only see how many people are searching using those terms (your prospects), but how many sites are using those same key terms (your competition). You will also see an array of phrases of various lengths that use the keywords in them and you can also use them.

From this research you could create a list of relevant keywords – and it can serve as a list of ideas about what to write, or as a to-do list or plan – whichever helps you to get started and keeps you organized. It is really a great idea to compose your articles based on those keywords, while keeping in mind you want your content to be interesting and even a little exciting if you want to hold a reader’s interest long enough to sell them something.

This last statement above regards never ‘keyword stuffing’ for one thing. That will get you the opposite reaction to what you hope for including possibly turning away the search engines more or less permanently. So although you are using your keywords as a ‘subject’ or ‘topic’ for your article you do not want to use them more than a couple times per page. Use it in the title and then just write naturally and conversationally to include them a few times.

A little humor goes a long way sometimes and may give you an example of ‘stuffing’ – before the search engines ‘objected’, a stuffed article might sound like this: (keyword is auto insurance) When I recently bought a car, I knew I also had to shop for (keyword). So I asked myself, self, where should I look for (keyword)? Should I ask my brother-in-law about (keyword)? Or should I contact some of the companies I see on TV advertising (keyword). Once I find out where to buy (keyword) then I have to determine what I want covered by my (keyword). Boy, it sure is tough getting good (keyword).

Interesting, huh? No? You might have said exactly the same thing without stuffing the keyword and actually had something that was pleasant for people to read — and would not send the search engine robots rushing away from your site! Keep it real, folks! Remember real people are trying to read your content! (and so are robots!)



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