Some Top Work From Home Options

Many people dream of giving up the daily commute, and if a work from home job is your goal, the following ideas and tips may inspire you.

Paid Surveys

Many companies will pay you for your time, and want to know what users think of a product or service. Some companies pay cash, while others give out prizes and this can be an easy way to make money from your computer.

Niche Blogging

Most of us have something that we are particularly interested in, or know a lot about and blogging about it can be an easy way to make some extra money. If you focus on just one subject it is known as niche blogging, and once you are established, you can run advertisements or sell advertising space to generate money.


Many websites use the services of freelance writers, as they simply do not have the expertise or skill to write their own text. Freelance writing jobs are plentiful and there are various forums and notice boards where you can look for work or promote your services. The pay amount varies, although skilled writers can expect to be paid up to $20 per article.

Try to stay away from those work from home jobs that seem too good to be true. At first it may be a challenge to make money this way, but if you stay with it, it can be lucrative.

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