Start a Business – Do the Math

When you start a business it is probably a good idea to go slow – check your programs carefully for a while from different aspects. Join free if possible so you can get a better look from inside, as well as read reviews and just kind of snoop around to see what is being said. (then take it all with a grain of salt because people do and say things that may mislead you both for the positive and negative).

2 B Sure

So let’s say you start with one small program that is free or very low-cost to join and it pays a low commission. You are not going to be overly concerned because you are trying to create a learning curve more than an income at this point. OK so you have your little program and it is paying you $5 a month after a few months of promoting it. Cool. If nothing else it shows you that it can be done.

Sans any big block-buster coming into your life at this point, what if you just kept accruing these small programs? You know what? Then you have $5 and you can add as many more $5 payments as you can as you go along slowly. What if in 6 months you have 5 programs that pay $5 each per month so far. You have $25! Better than $5, right?

Of course if you have a business mind you will figure how much you spent to get the $25. At this point You can look at it 2 ways. You can go out and blow it on something to celebrate (nothing wrong with that, there is a lot to be said for rewarding yourself to provide a little motivation).

Or you can start to put it back into your business. You should have some sort of an ‘operating’ account anyway and putting that $25 in there will make a difference. Maybe by next month it will be $50 and you can get yourself some paid advertising which may take you over the next hurdle! The point to this article though is how $5+5=$10 and $10×5=$50! Not sure where you come from but from where I sit $50 is a nice piece of change!

We often do not have a lot of money if any to start a business. If we knew how cheaply we could get started with an online business maybe it wouldn’t be so much the case that we never do. However if you have the desire and discipline you can start it and build it up slowly. You may be very surprised what you can end up with!

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