Starting a Business – Don’t Wait, Just Do It

There are a few sayings that come to mind in order to express this lesson best. One is ‘the devil is in the details’ and the other is ‘it’s not what you know but what you do’. These are both areas where there is room for both sides of the aisle. Details are good. You can’t have organization or planning unless you recognize the details. But when they become the devil is if we get hung up on them; where they are not the means to an end but the only focus.

time is money

Particularly on the Internet which is a vast sea of information and knowledge, somebody can get lost very easily and spend hours going from one document to another. Look up any word – a technical term, any acronym or word you hear in your industry or environment. Just type it in and you will get a few pages of sites where this is described or discussed – the details. Of course each one leads to another and another. This is absolutely the way to learn for free and fast on the fly – right where you are.

However after a while and unless something directly related to our target goals, it gets to be that we are wasting time ‘spinning our wheels’, rather than taking action to produce the results we want, which is to earn an income.

We have to focus on ‘the big picture’ and at the same time we need to do ‘what is required of us to do right NOW. Both ends of the spectrum are equally relevant if we want to stay on track to achieve our goals. We need the information and there is never too much; although it does seem like it in the beginning when we are deluged with opportunities, strange terminology, a million links and login sequences on our way to performing whatever task we need to engage in to promote our new business!

… but the bottom line is we need to take the information and do something with it. Don’t wait until you think you know enough or you really think you are an expert; do what you can right now; do as much as you can and do it as fast (or as slow) as you can.

What is important is just that you do it! You need to be fairly aggressive to ‘make it’ in the business world today. That just means really try hard. Push yourself if necessary – be determined – be fearless and undaunted! Don’t let any obstacles stop you or even slow you down if possible. If there is something you just can’t do right now – make a note and move on to the next thing.

When you get to a place in the maze where you can turn around, go back and see if you haven’t learned something or found a solution somewhere in your travels so that you can resolve the open issue(s). Never say ‘I am waiting to do C until I can do B’. Very few things are inter-connected so much that you can’t ‘jump around’ and do things out of sequence. You want a plan, not a straight jacket. It’s YOUR plan when you work for yourself online from home.

You need to have a plan and stick to it more or less as time goes on. But you don’t need to be a slave to it. Keep it flexible but have parameters. This can’t be an excuse to slack off. It just means you can do things your own way and in your own time; but only once you have the information, you need to do what you need to do if it contributes to the structure of your plan to arrive at your goal.

Howard Whittington

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