Starting a Business – Remember to be Thankful for what you Have

It is very important to have the right mindset no matter what you do – even getting up in the morning. If you get up on the ‘bright side’ expecting good things, you will very likely attract them or at least stay in a good mood. Conversely if you get up with a chip on your shoulder or some issue that you are upset about it is likely to hinder your efforts all day long.

be greatful

So on top of having a positive, open mindset it is also important to really get over things that are bothering you. Listen if it was a person or circumstance that has offended you they/it has likely forgotten it and has moved on. It is only impeding you. Why do that? Not saying they deserve your forgiveness or what they did wasn’t offensive and hurtful.

Just saying that whatever it is unless you get past it somehow, it will only poison you. So again, why do that to yourself? In place of the ‘black cloud’ push it out consciously and replace it with a nice bright shiny sky. Then remember to feel thankful for your good mood. If you need to sit and enumerate all of your good fortune each day it will be well worth it if it helps you.

We take so much for granted and really there are many millions of people in the world who are not as fortunate as we are. Even if we have to start there to realize how lucky we really are then do it. Did you wake up in a nice cozy, warm bed? Thank you. Do you have food and water? Thank you. Are you going to get ready for your day and put on some decent clothes? Thank you. Did you have something to eat for breakfast? Thank you.

Now that we are up we can talk business. If you are starting a business from home you may be putting forth lots of effort and not seeing any results yet. Thank you for your efforts. Please realize it is only reality that is keeping the results from reality. It is perfectly normal to start a business and really trying, but you are not actually seeing any return on your investment yet.

If you are one that can actually focus on your home business enough to make progress, one day you will actually see the rewards for your efforts. Thank you in advance. Realize there is no magic, no instant success except very rarely.

Think about the word ‘EARN’ and income – think about what that involves – investing your effort on a consistent basis, really remaining focused on your business as much as you can, keeping it up over the long-term. Thank you that you have this opportunity. It may also help to Thank in advance for your future accomplishments! Set the scene! Get ready to glow!

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