Starting a New Business: Is it True that You Can’t Fail Unless You Quit?

If you think about this saying ‘you can’t fail unless you
quit’, you will see that it is very true. A person who
quits has obviously given up trying to reach their goal.
They will make no more effort on their own behalf and are
thereby accepting defeat. When they really quit they will
feel temporarily relieved because they don’t need to worry
about it anymore. This may be a good step to seeing their
way clear to start over.

A person who won’t quit, no matter what, will keep trying
to succeed. They will either learn new strategies to
promote their business, or may consult with others for
advice and direction. Some will need to completely
‘regroup’ before they start over. Many people may take a
break to get their bearings and make a decision as to
whether they will continue to try or will actually quit.
Sometimes that is all that is necessary to turn it around,
for example if someone has possibly gotten too stressed out
in the actual process of trying to start a new business.

They more than likely have other situations in their life
that were stressful to start out with and that may seem or
have actually been exacerbated by the time, effort and
expense that they have been putting into the new activities
involved in starting a business. Maybe something has to go
and it can’t be the day job or the kids or the spouse, and
there is no other way to release the pressure they feel than
to just stop trying to do anything extra like starting a
business. This is unfortunate, but is quite

Hopefully taking a breather and maybe doing some additional
planning will create the atmosphere necessary to squeeze
something else in and they will be able to continue on to
reach their goal of starting a business from home. This
would be the case if the person really had what it takes to
go that extra mile to hit their target. Purely by
organizing their time a little better may do the trick so
that they can somehow come up with a good block of time
weekly if not daily to devote to their business. Again, it
really may be the case that they will need to completely
shut down in order to see things clearly enough to realize
that they can make time to do what they know they want and
need to do.

In a case like this it always helps to make a list of pros
and cons, and brainstorm difficulties or obstacles, giving
possible solutions to each situation. This is a good way to
find out if it is possible for you to realize what your
priorities really are. You will find, if starting a
business is really what you want to do, that there are
plenty of things you can do without or work around in order
to make it happen. If not, then maybe just let it
‘simmer’ for a while on the back burner and it will come
to you how there is usually a way you can find that will
allow you not to give up on your dreams.

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