Starting a New Business Online – Amazing That People Do Not Read Directions

So very strange where people will suddenly recognize that nothing is happening with their business. In months or even years they don’t have one thing to show for it. Not a prospect. Yet as big as life there is documentation on their membership website from day one outlining step-by-step some of the things that could be done to promote an affiliate business.

pay attention

It could be a factor that people feel that they may need to spend a couple measly dollars on the business! Perish the thought! It was supposed to be free! So they will just ignore the rest and believe stupid fallacies like ‘you have to have money to make money’. I’ll just sit here and shoot myself in the foot and not do anything.

So now what do you have? A great big waste of information and time that could never by any stretch of the imagination be construed as a business. Maybe you like to pretend you have one but you don’t. Face it. Even really simple, obvious and FREE techniques have failed to reach you. For example most Internet marketers realize having a blog (especially if one is built right into your site) would be an obvious way to promote your business.

Do you use it? Never; because you just don’t get it, mostly because you will not read the instructions. In many cases you need somebody else to do it for you because you are so lazy and disorganized. You could also be too busy except if you are serious about having a business you will make time – a half-hour to write a blog, maybe an hour to read something that might help you make some progress. Not a lot to ask.

Apologies if this hits a little close to home but you need to wake up. Stop wasting your time and stop with the ‘fake it until you make it’ routine. Without having ever earned a dollar or attracted one prospect, you aren’t even doing a good job of faking it. There are actually people who will tell you after more than a year – love the program but haven’t made a dime in this whole time. I just don’t understand. Maybe it is my age? What a crock.

What could you possibly imagine would be the reason for this? Let me tell you. You aren’t engaged, and you aren’t interested, so stop pretending you are. Really read the information you have been provided with and try to take some kind of action – anything just to get started. It might just grow on you.

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