Starting an Online Home Business – How to Stand Out From the Pack

Although many funnel and affiliate programs provide everything needed to start a business at home online, sometimes when you have gotten ‘your feet wet’, it is then best to use what they gave you as a ‘blueprint’ or prototype and design something of your own. So to stand out from the pack we need to use our own voice to say the same thing; to go that extra step of creating our own content.

be a stand-out!

It is absolutely invaluable to have the resources provided to you initially because first of all you may not know exactly what kind of advertisements to use, let alone how to create anything, whether graphic or text. So it is just fine to ‘get started today’ with what you are given to work with.
Naturally if you have your own website or even a blog of your own you can personalize things by posting your ads there as well as to promote them in different mediums online.

One good example here is when programs give you ‘swipe files’ or examples of ads to use. Think about it. If you are a consumer and you read 100 ads that are identical except for the affiliate ID – wouldn’t you get tired of reading the same thing over and over and tend to start ignoring them? However if someone takes that advertisement/email or whatever and says essentially the same thing but in their own words, you have something unique that might actually speak to someone!

There are many applications that you can use (and a lot of them are free or really inexpensive) to create banners, web pages, and videos for example, and you will stand out as a true professional; even if they are real basic – just a person sitting at their PC talking; or demonstrating statistics or other graphical representations of data on a whiteboard or Power Point presentation (the old pie chart, bullet point list, or scan of your bank account, for example).

Ever hear the saying ‘it is not what you say but how you say it?’ – that is so relevant to this discussion because you can actually use the exact words, facts and pictures done in a different way, that make them YOU. You are unique and the point here is really that you stepped up and are really engaged in your own success. People are much more likely to believe in someone who is a ‘doer’ rather than only a follower and this is what is meant in part by ‘standing out from the pack’.

All of this is not to say there is anything horribly wrong in just using what is provided to you for lack of skills. But there are some really simple things you can do to re-engineer content to make it unique just by changing the order of things and some of the words. You can say exactly the same thing in your own way just by doing that.


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Howard Whittington

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