Staying Abreast of Constant Changes in the Internet Marketing Industry

Just as with any industry if you expect to excel and to
exceed expectations for your job or career, you need to know
what is going on; particularly when there are changes that
may necessitate you revising your procedures or protocols
just to stay in the game, you should know what they are so
you can determine what you need to do as a result.

In particular with Internet marketing, the techniques and
strategies change periodically. What may have worked really
well 10 years ago, may not be as effective today. This may
be due to circumstances beyond our control, or maybe even
the controls put in place that may impede your progress.

Specifically in this regard an example is eMail marketing.
Case in point, due to massive spam sometimes perpetrated by
robots, eMail services put filters in place. The filters
help to control the onslaught but they also create blockages
to real mail being delivered. Hence you need to do more and
get less of a response since much of your mail may not even
be received. There is also a science to this whereby you can
do some things to make your email less likely to be blocked
by a spam filter by the way you write your ‘subject’, the
length and content of your message and even how you display
your links. eMail marketing is by no means dead in the water
– it is just more problematic, and with a little extra
effort you can transcend the impediments.

Another example is security – due to ‘phishing’ and other
demonic activity you have to be careful of the links you
click and even the sites you visit. This is a true concern
for your confidential computer, identity and financial
information. However, ‘the powers that be’ put a warning
on some sites for no other reason than they mention
‘money’ – and only because of the fact there are some
unscrupulous ‘scammers’ out there somewhere, they will
warn people to beware of the site. This surely does not
instill confidence or promote your business in any way – and
may in fact harm completely innocent businesses. It’s kind
of like presumed guilty and not being given a chance to
prove innocence.

Most recently it has become evident that ‘mobile’
computing is taking over the Internet. All those small
devices like iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc. are now in the
majority as far as who is using the Internet. They can only
continue to grow in popularity and as such people who have
websites really will need to have ‘mobile’ versions of
their code if they don’t want to miss all that traffic. Who
knew PCs would be ‘old-fashioned’ by this time? Thankfully
there are some easy fixes for this – even free applications
that will help scale down your graphics and etc so that they
display well on a tiny screen.

So we really need to browse through the online news sites
frequently and especially on the sidebars we may find
information that will help us to stay on top of our game of
trying to start or maintain an online business. There are
also a number of ‘tech’ magazines etc online that have a
lot of interesting and helpful information especially for

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