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How To Make Blogging Easier.

Blogging is the in thing these days. Most people, especially those with passion for content creation, have entered into the blogging world, and most are doing quite well. However, if you are a beginner, blogging can be a challenge. Sometimes you might not know how to start even though you have the content and the passion for content creation. Bloggers are also being used to promote brands for corporates. If you are able to do your job well such that you are consistent in your content and have managed to capture a vast audience, you might be able to make it in the digital creative space. One thing you need to know about blogging is that it is time-consuming, and the pay isn’t immediate. You might have to do blogging for a long time before you start reaping the benefits. You need to be able to connect with the audience naturally. This means that you have to work on your communication skills, among other things. You could use the tips below to make your blogging experience easier.

As a blogger, your followers expect to keep receiving content from your end. They will only be engaging and loyal to your brand if you keep giving them content every once in a while. It could be twice or thrice in a week, depending on your schedule. One thing you have to do is to schedule your posts. If you don’t spare time to plan your posts, your followers might lose interest quickly. When you schedule your posts and inform your followers, they will always be eager to watch your content every once in a while. Scheduling content is essential for you because you will also find time to do other things, such as binge-watching. Also, apart from posting regularly, it is good to schedule times for interacting with your online followers. You need to use this time to get to know them better, to learn what they like about your content and what they think you should improve on. Forming a relationship with your online customers plays a vital role in promoting and improving your brand.

Blogging is not as simple as some may think, If you want to form a career from blogging, you need to invest a lot of resources. It is not just about your time and energy. You need to spend money on equipment. If you take photos for yourself, you need to invest in a good camera. Save money to buy a camera if you don’t have one. How you present your brand to the people goes a long way. The online audience will always be attracted to a lively and attractive page with quality photography. If you don’t have a camera, you can also invest in a good phone that captures excellent photos. Apart from this, if you are able to, find yourself a good editor. If you don’t know which platform to use to edit your content, research or ask from fellow bloggers.

As a blogger, you need to play smart. Give readers what they want to hear while being honest, of course. Invest in a good camera and editor and find time to schedule your posts. With time, you will have become a pro.

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How To Make Your Website SSL Secure

Making your site SSL secure is going to be an absolute must, if you don’t want to lose all your traffic. All major browsers will start displaying messages warning users that they are about to access an unsecured website that might steal their private data. This article shows you how to make your site SSL secure in a few easy steps.


The first thing to do is to obtain your SSL secure certificate. There are many providers of such certificates. Some of them are free to use. If you don’t want to pay for a premium SSL certificate, you can safely go for a free one. Let’s Encrypt is one of the most popular providers.

In order to obtain your SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, you have to log into your cPanel and search for the corresponding menu item. Most hosting providers have included this option in their services, in order to help their clients secure their websites without needing any special IT skills. If you can’t work your way around your cPanel dashboard, you can open a ticket with your hosting provider or call their customer support department. You’ll get step by step guidance, so you’ll get your certificate in no time.

Once you have your certificate, your website will work in both variants, with https:// and with http://. This is good, but you need to ensure the non-secure pages are automatically redirected to their secure versions. This is easy to do by adding a few lines of code to your .htaccess file. You can find this code by searching the web, as many IT bloggers have written about this issue multiple times. Alternatively, you can contact your hosting provider to ask for help. They will do everything needed to make your site SSL secure. However, you’ll need to make sure that all internal links and images within your site are also secure.

If your website runs on WordPress, you can use a plugin to make all elements of all pages secure. However, you should keep in mind that this plugin will only be effective if you have your SSL certificate, whether from Let’s Encrypt or from any other provider of your choice. Before installing any plugin, make time to read the user reviews and the instructions for activation, as they may prove to be useful later on. Always choose plugins with high ratings and with a big number of positive reviews. Furthermore, check whether the plugin you want to install has been tested with your current version of WordPress. If you want to stay on the safe side, make a backup copy of your website and store it in a secure place before installing any new plugin. Like this, you’ll be able to revert to the last working configuration of your site, should anything occur during the installation.

This is the method to make your website SSL secure. Once you have it up and running, you won’t need to do anything else. These security certificates get automatically renewed by the provider.


Top Ten Best Marketplaces To Sell Your Digital Products— $9.94 (Save 78%!)

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Selling digital products is one of the best way to make money online. This is because of the buying and selling process.
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Top Ten Best Marketplaces To Sell Your Digital Products
Discover The Top Ten Best Marketplaces To Sell Your Digital Products Today!
Selling digital products is one of the best way to make money online. This is because of the buying and selling process.
Digital productst ARE accessible to anyone who has computers and internet connections – where you only download the file after purchasing it.
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The Complete Guide To Making Money With Fulfillment By Amazon

More people are looking for ways to diversify their income more now than at any other time in history. With the fears of looming recessions, unstable economies and company downsizing, it is clear why people want to start a side hustle for extra money or even to replace their current income. Fortunately, with the advancements in technology, it is very possible to make extra money online in many ways, including with Amazon FBA.











The one thing that stops the majority of people from pursuing a side income with Amazon or any other company is fear. They are worried that the learning curve is too steep and they will fail with their online endeavors. Others are concerned that they do not have the technical knowledge to code, create websites, email lists and other tasks that are often associated with online businesses. The good news is that you do not need to know all of the technical details to make money with FBA.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Also known as Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon, the FBA program is similar to Craigslist or eBay. Think of the program as Craigslist or eBay times 1000. However, the principles of the program are the same. If you have something to sell, you list it so potential buyers can see it. The difference is that Amazon has an enormous amount of customers in their marketplace just waiting to buy whatever you are selling.

Another difference is that if you choose to list something on Craigslist or eBay, you are also stuck with completing the back end work as well. This means that you will have to upload pictures, write the listing, post the listing, respond to buyers and then either ship or deliver the item to the customer. With FBA, all of these issues are taken care of for you by Amazon.

The process works like this:

You will need to find a product to sell. This is called sourcing. You can source from thrift stores, retail stores or your home.

You will need to list the product through your Amazon seller account and set the price for the item.

Ship all of the items you have listed to Amazon.

Amazon buyers will find your listings, and the company will package and ship sold items to the customers.

Amazon will also collect payment for you, and deduct its fees before sending you the balance. The company pays out to sellers twice per month.

Essentials To Get Started With Amazon FBA

There are several things that you will need before getting started with FBA. The first thing you will need is an Amazon Seller Account. Although you can begin with the basic Individual Selling Account, it would be a better idea to get a Professional Selling Program account.

This account currently costs around $40.00 a month. It is beneficial to choose the professional account especially if you plan to ship 40 items or more a month to Amazon. It also helps to have a professional account if you want access to specific apps to help you in your business.

The next thing you will need is some money to invest. Plan to initially set aside at least $150 for your first sourcing trip. Although that may sound like a lot of money, if you invest it wisely, you can quickly turn that $150 into $300, $400 or even $500.

You will also need at least one app that will help you in your business. The Profit Bandit app can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. It costs $9 per month, but it is well worth it.

This app will help you to better understand the popularity of certain products, and the current prices they are being sold for.

Tips For Success

As you are sourcing for your items, it is important to have the app open so you will be able to see what the item is currently being sold for on Amazon. Keep in mind, you may have to scan upwards of 100 items before you find that one lucky item.

You should always aim to have a profit margin of at 35%. However, that will depend on the category you are selling in. You will need to set the rules for your business so selling on FBA is profitable for you and your specific needs.

Always remember, the more you put into your business, the more you will get out of it.

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