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Sam Walton & Henry Ford: What Can We Learn from These Giants of Industry?

Is the American Dream dead, or is there still opportunity out there for individuals to come from nothing and make their mark on both the United States and on history? Names like Henry Ford and Sam Walton are household names despite being many decades apart and having grown up in different times in history – to the point you could say the United States each knew was like a completely different world! Yet both have stories of coming up without the advantages of others, without the training, education, or backing, and yet they transformed business.



So do these stories still apply? Did these men have traits in common that we can learn from today? The answers might surprise you.

Hard Work Is A Skill
Both Sam Walton and Henry Ford grew up on farms. No matter when in history you grow up there is one truth about farm work: it’s hard. Kids who grow up on farms grow up working and doing chores. They learn to work, to get up early, to do things they don’t want to do, and to give every bit of work all their focus and effort.

Growing up on the farm didn’t give them a leg up – but learning the value of hard work and how to work hard for long hours without clearly seeing results, that matters. That is a skill that would serve both men as they forged ahead in adulthood.

The Process Trumps All
What is Sam Walton’s Wal-Mart and Henry Ford’s Ford Automobiles known for? Both created a process so good that it allowed them to utterly dominate the existing competition. One could even argue that both created a process so good that it became the new model others followed to adjust and survive, and those who didn’t just folded. They didn’t become billionaires by making a goal of being billionaires, but by creating processes that gave them a huge market advantage.

Don’t Buy The Early Hype
Both men enjoyed the finer things in life, but well after they made their fortunes. Early on both were renowned for being humble and thrifty with spending. This not only led to good business practices but it meant they had cash on hand to weather the inevitable early challenges that come with every business growth. Sam Walton was known for driving a classic 1979 pick up truck even as he became a billionaire, sticking with the reliable vehicle that continued to work – so why waste money on a big vehicle purpose when he had what he needed?

There comes a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but doing this too early can sink you.

Finding An Edge
Walton focused on bringing high quality business to more rural areas that were often looked over by larger companies, giving him a solid and loyal customer base on the stores expanded and grew. At the time Ford built his factories many workers were paid slave labor wages and forced to work every day of the week. He realized paying them more and giving hem time off let them be wealthy enough to become his customers, and taking care of them created a loyalty that led to harder work, better products, which they would then buy themselves.

Each man found an edge and used an amazing process, hard work, and dedication to exploit it, creating their fortunes and their legacy with these lessons anyone can still use today!


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How To Have Overnight Success In Your Online Enterprise Today

Unless you are currently the celebrity of cause and the worlds media has picked up a hot story of you about your business then it is going to be very hard if not impossible to be an overnight success. It will be very hard to even have  long-term success without a well-thought business plan that has excellent execution and 100% committed to following up on every contact. It is also going to depend on your business structure and the product or service that you will be providing.


But that said if you have a red-hot product or digital service that people are screaming for then you have a shot. To go from obscurity to overnight success can be done, it has been done, and it was done recently by an Australian in the UK in an extraordinary manner where he managed to launch and sell 50,000 pairs of underwear in his first three days of business trading. Today that business turns over 15 million dollars per year. It can happen.

Below are some suggestions that if used may also help you to launch your next big thing and reset the world on fire again.

1) Find your unique selling point
2) Leverage that into social media via every channel available
3) Get Gorilla with your marketing creativity
4) Continue to fan every social media
5) Write and publish a range of media releases on every media release platform that you can (yes, you or a friend can write a great statement, and yes there is an extensive range of free services to distribute these through. If your unique selling points and release creatives are good enough, mainstream press may pick up your story for much more full audience release)
6) Call every radio station within your region and talk yourself into some air time. This won’t happen in peak markets but late night may put you on the air in smaller markets)
7) Have a call to action on everything you do targeted to the one target destination

These are just a few of the more basic things that an internet and social media savvy person can achieve with a few hours work. You then need to see which marketing tactic is working best through channel monitoring then rinse and repeat on those tactics that are gaining you traction.

Keep drilling down and distilling what people are more receptive to in your message and your unique selling points. Build on this where you can. Maybe it’s creating a new meme for distribution, or an emoji that syncs with your product or service.

The skies are the limit when using your creativity. And you will need to be creative if you think about all of the marketing messages, promotions and look at me type promotions that are going on 24 hours a day. You need to break through that veneer with something new, fresh and surprising enough to firstly gauge interest and secondly gain a response to your call to action message.

Remember, it has been done before and it will be done again and today is your opportunity to shine.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Do This Once, Get Paid for Years

I know a guy who lives in a remote part of Oregon.
Do This Once, Get Paid for Years

He’s got a long scraggly beard, dresses in jeans and flannel shirts, and drives a new car.

By day he fishes and hikes.

By night he visits with his friends in the bar, or kicks back and watches TV.

He takes several long vacations each year.

He hires someone to do his yard work and maintain his house.

He never works – because he doesn’t have to.

And he’s lived like this since the 70’s.

Did he inherit a lot of money? Win the lottery? Rob a bank?

Nope. He grew up poor, never went to college, and hasn’t worked since he was 22.

What he did do was write a hit song. Just one.

And that song continues to pay him residuals to this day.

He did something once, and is still getting paid for it all these decades later.

So there you have it. Just write a hit song performed by a very famous person, and you are set for life.

What’s that? You don’t write songs?

Okay, then you might try the online marketing version of this residual game.

It’s called make a ‘sale once, get paid for months or maybe even years.’

Of course we’re talking about residual programs, and there are two basic ways you can profit: Promote someone else’s program, or create your own.

If you’re promoting someone else’s residual program, you’ve got several benefits.

  • You never have to create membership content or maintain and update the software as a service

  • You never have to worry about customer service concerning the program

  • You don’t have to create the sales page, the membership site and so forth.

  • All you do is send traffic and profit. That’s it.

Pretty sweet deal, right?

And don’t be fooled by the first month’s commission, either.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to decide between promoting Program A and Program B. Both programs are converting at the same rate.

Program A pays out $50 one time on a $100 sale.

Program B pays out $15 each month on a $30 sale.

Members of Program B tend to stick for a long time, because the product is something they need for their business. In fact, the average customer retention rate is 7.2 months, which is fantastic.

With Program A, you make $50. But with Program B, you make $108.

As you can see, if possible you want to find out how long the average customer ‘sticks’ to the program.

Software as a service tends to retain people for longer periods of time, assuming the software does what it’s supposed to. Hosting is a great example of this, because once people set up their website with a host, they tend to stick with that same host for years or for as long as there is no problem.

However, there are many information oriented membership programs that also retain members for a good long time as well.

To find residual programs you might want to promote, you can begin by Googling, “affiliate residual programs.” You’ll find lists full of them – more than you can ever promote yourself.

But having your own program can be even better, if you’re willing to put in the work.

  • You can have affiliates promote it for you, making hundreds and even thousands of sales you would never get on your own

  • You can make a lot more money – a LOT more money

  • You can build a stable of affiliates who like and trust you, and will promote future programs for you.


You have to create the program. And make no mistake, there is work involved.

If you’re selling software as a service, then you need to have the software developed, tested, tweaked and hopefully glitch free when you launch.

If you’re selling informational memberships, you’ll need to create a membership site and add content to it on a very regular basis.

And in either case you’ll need to deal with customer service, building the sites, writing the sales letters and so forth.

That said, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

For your first membership site, I recommend you keep it simple. Find a target market that is eager for great information on their topic.

Then create a newsletter targeted to this market. Write the sales letter and newsletter as though you are speaking to just one person. Keep the price low – so low that it’s a no-brainer.

See? Not so hard after all.

If you’re going to do the work of bringing customers to a sales page, why not get paid for it over and over again?

Imagine this: One year from now you are earning money from not one, but twelve different residual programs.

Month after month you get checks for work you did six months or even a year ago.

How great will that feel?

If that feeling excites you, get to work and go make it happen!