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  • Where to Begin If You Are Thinking of Starting a Business Online

    Where to Begin If You Are Thinking of Starting a Business Online

    To begin with, you need a real plan — a plan that would organize resources that you have to invest, as far as money, time and skills. Even if you have very few resources you can still start a business on the Internet. If you are determined, there are ways to make up for anything you feel you need but do not feel strong about.

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    If you have no money to work with then start to save a few dollars whenever you get money. You will be surprised that even a little bit of ‘spare change’ will add up if you don’t spend it. It is also a good thing when planning to take stock of what you spend your money on. If you are really committed to having your own business at home, you can make some small sacrifices as far as things in your life that are not essentials, for example – entertainment, trips, and luxuries.

    You can be direct and for example when you wo

  • Starting a Business at Home – Are You Really Serious?

    Starting a Business at Home – Are You Really Serious?

    If you are really thinking seriously about starting a business at home you should consider a few things before you commit your time and money. While the skills and experience you have acquired during your working career can definitely help you when starting your own business, there are other functions that may be important to your success.

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    Discipline and structure are necessary to run a business. We may have taken these elements for granted our employer already had procedures. We just had to do them. We were also given a job description so that we knew what was expected. We were given a work schedule that outlined what time we had to be there, when to take breaks and when we could leave for the day. Additionally we likely had a supervisor or manager who would ensure that we met the expected criteria.

    When we are starting out on our own we have to

  • Home Biz Entrepreneurs – You Gotta Run

    Home Biz Entrepreneurs – You Gotta Run

    If you are in business at home, whether or not you also have a day job and the usual personal and family obligations, you have to learn how to say that you gotta run! That is because you likely do not have a lot of time on your hands to spare to small talk and chattering.

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    Be polite to everyone of course, and even spend some time ‘networking’ when it is a peer or prospective customer you are communicating with. Make arrangements to meet again or whatever is applicable. Make a note to follow-up because there is nothing more shallow than saying you will do something that you don’t do, particularly if someone might be waiting for you to do what you promised.

    A built-in escape hatch would be to say something to the effect that if they don’t hear from you by a certain time, to feel free to contact you instead. This really has a nice touch in mor