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  • Home Biz Entrepreneur – Use Your Head

    Home Biz Entrepreneur – Use Your Head

    Mainly in that it is easier to learn with ‘hands on’ strategy for most people, you need to start thinking for yourself. Unless you are not given any instructions you shouldn’t automatically contact support to have them do things for you. What do you learn by having someone else do something? Nothing.

    not always free

    In most cases support won’t do something for you that they know there are instructions for and that you can do yourself. There is no excuse here like ‘I can’t’. There is no can’t. If you want something then you need to learn about it and be able to do it going forward.

    If you have the money to pay for technical support that is up to you – however again, you won’t learn anything and you will always need help. That is not the real idea of having your own home business where you are the boss and know how your busi

  • Running a Home Business – Run!

    Running a Home Business – Run!

    You have to do what you have to do no matter what the situation. That is of course if you want to make any money with your business. People can take the ‘do whatever you want whenever you want’ way to far – in fact to the point of oblivion for their business if they choose to.
    do ya or dontcha

    That’s really a pretty stupid decision though in that you have invested your time, effort and money to develop whatever you have. Why just throw it out? Well you would throw it out only if you have determined that it is really not what you want anymore. You are no longer interested in growing this particular business.

    Maybe you found something more appealing and/or compatible than your existing business. Maybe you are just sick of everything – not just for your home business but everything.

    You just need a change. So do it. Be sure that is what you don’t want though so tha

  • Potential Home Biz Entrepreneur

    Potential Home Biz Entrepreneur

    If you had $2 you could buy a candy bar today – delicious, instant gratification. However then think of what you have done. You gave yourself something you enjoyed and you are glad, and this is good. Even though you realize that the sugar in the candy bar is not that cool, you are still glad you did it. It’s ok because you don’t do it every day hopefully.
    save it!
    However, if you didn’t buy the candy bar you would still have the $2 right now. Can you see how you consumed that $2 in probably minutes? Could you consider that there are much better targets for your money if you are seriously trying to start an online home business? It’s true. The more you can focus on your business if it is actually a top priority, the better.

    $2 doesn’t sound like much to work with – it just happens to be the average cost of a candy bar. However let’s say every time you crave a candy b