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Home Biz Start Up – Use Your Problems as a Punching Bag

We all agree we would rather ‘not make waves’ and have everything in our lives running as smoothly as possible. Almost like what they call ‘living on easy street’. However things can happen at any time to change that perception. Problems may arrive at any time that could impact your health, your family, your home, career, or finances.

roll with the punches

Of course it would be best for all concerned if there were none of these dramas. However, obviously we have to learn to ‘roll with the punches’ whenever they do. Depending on to what degree there are problems, we need to be prepared ahead of time as much as we can analyze and determine.

Sometimes people just need a challenge. Maybe it is just too much easy street that can become a rut. Once in a while, we need something to push us in order that we make some extra effort. Again it is hoped it is never anything serious.

… but did you know that for some people something extremely negative can really push them into a whole new realm of optimism? You would be very surprised how the ‘fight or flight’ instinct can come into play. There are a few different personalities that may be relevant here and each one may respond differently.

Here is a real simple example: If you are a positive person in general, and the problem is your home business. Maybe you notice that your sales are tanking. First you need to find out why and make some changes to your operations and/or budget (business operating account).

You jump right on it and manage to beat it – you may try several things until you see the trend has changed after a while. You keep on pounding it until you are ‘home free’. Good job!

The other type of person figures ‘oh well’ it’s no big deal the few dollars I ever made with this’. They just leave it as it is and let it sink deeper into a black hole. Eventually they terminate the program and/or the website. No big deal except you may have just eliminated a source of income that someday could have been substantial. Not to mention wasted any time or money you spent on it in the past.

Oh well it is only money that could have been yours.

Home Biz Start-Up Keep On Keeping On

It may have taken you a long time where you thought about ideas on how to make extra money. You may have really researched some ways that you may have been able to start a business from home, or get a part-time job to supplement your regular, main income. Of course there are many pros and cons to these issues and they may have kept you in your quandary where you were never really able to take action.


Hopefully this was all going on before it became critical and you were actually looking to replace a full-time income you lost, or are facing some extra, major financial challenges. Always best to be prepared for the unexpected and hope it never comes, rather than to be scrambling around in desperation if something does.

In any case, it is a good idea to have something growing that may represent a solution someday. If no disaster ever comes and hopefully it won’t, then you may find yourself with a nice little cache of cash that you can buy something you really want but could never feel you could afford! (Still save at least half!)

As with all things in life there are always a million possibilities or choices. Some we need to learn about by trial and error. Some we are able to benefit from advice from trusted advisors who have had either positive or negative experiences.

Note here that just because someone else had either positive or negative experience with a program or service that it doesn’t mean you will or won’t. There are too many variables that could make your experience diametrically opposite to theirs. So a combination of research methodology is definitely recommended. Times change and situations change. What was gold a year ago may be lead today as far as business.

In any case if at all possible you want to spend some time when you are researching businesses you could hope to succeed with. That is another reason it is a good idea to start before it is necessary. If you have to make decisions when in a rush or when desperate they are not as likely to be the right choices.

… but where do you start? Just log on to the Internet and go to a search engine – an easily navigated one like Google.com – and just start running queries like ‘home business’, ‘online business’, ‘earn extra money’, ‘part-time job’, etc. Then take some time to click all links they will return and just get some ideas about things. Take a few notes and be sure to note the links somewhere.

Eventually you may wish to try one or more programs you can associate yourself with to get a deeper understanding of how it works and really decide whether it is feasible for you. If not keep moving forward to find something that does appeal to you.

Home Biz Start-Up – We Must Learn to Crawl Before We Can Walk

Although it can take some imagination, part of the beauty of starting your own business is that you get to create it in your vision. That is eventually. You do need to start out with learning the basics so that you build a solid foundation to begin with. However beyond that it is a ‘fluid’ thing where it can morph over time as many times as you need it to.

crawl b4 U walk!

So don’t get too hung up on your ‘idea’. It is much more important to keep an open mind and to continue to learn as much as you can and to gain expertise in all the different facets of Internet marketing. You need the ‘experience’ to add to the strength of your foundation. Your ultimate dream may be something that is far beyond your grasp right now whether because of finances or skill.

This definitely doesn’t mean wait or give up. It means take ‘the path of least resistance’ – start with something you CAN DO right now – today if possible. For example an affiliate program will provide you with a sales web page that few people would know how to create off the top of their head. They may also provide some level of training in Internet marketing that would be applicable to any program or product you may want to promote in the future. You can ‘earn while you learn’.

Affiliate programs also have other structures in place that you can use for now. Again it may not be your idea or anywhere close to your dream to be an affiliate. You really want to be on your own, completely independent and only doing things that can be done your way. You want to have your own product or service and eventually build your own website and etc. This is a good long-range plan. How long is ‘long’ would only depend on your skill level and financial situation – and your motivation.

The cost of becoming an affiliate is very low especially when you realize how much they really do for you. This includes giving you the legal right to profit from their intellectual property. They give you permission to promote their product or service and will pay you a percentage of any sale or referral you make. They have spent considerable money to develop their program and to maintain it including the membership program itself. They provide customer service and process your sales transactions so you don’t have to be there. They provide a web page and other images/graphics for you to use to promote the program.

It’s well worth it to start crawling as an online affiliate marketer!