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Tips For Choosing a Great Domain Name

Picking a domain name is just like choosing a company name. It calls for a lot of thought and consideration as it is vital for your success. Pick the wrong domain name and it can be hard to switch later without hurting your search rankings and brand. That’s why it is imperative that you pick the best one from the beginning. In this read, were are going to give you a few tips that you can implement to get the best domain name ideas and pick the best one.


Pick an Ideal Domain Name Extension

An extension is simply a suffix like .net or .com that appears at the end of a URL. Domain name extensions have specific uses and so, it’s important to ensure that you pick one that works for your niche or business. The dotcom extension is the most popular nowadays, but it can be hard to get a short plus memorable .com domain name as it has been around for so long and chances are there’s another company using a similar name.

However, there’s an array of relatively new generic domain names that offer an opportunity to register not only short but highly relevant names. They include .guru, .photography, .nyc, etc. Here are several other top-level domain name extensions and how they are usually used.

-.info for information websites

-.co meaning company, community or commerce.

-. Net for technical or internet infrastructure websites.

-.biz for e-commerce websites.

-.org for non-profits and non-commercial organizations.

Utilize Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in domains. By utilizing your primary keywords in the domain name, you are simply telling search engines like Google what your site is all about. Paired with good user experience and quality content, keywords in your domain can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages.

It’s hard to come across an excellent domain with your keywords that is not already taken. As such, you’ll need to be very creative and combine your KWs with other terms to make your domain name stand out.
Make it Unique

For your domain name to stand out, it needs to be distinct. As such, you will need research other sites in your niche and find out the domain names they are utilizing. The last thing you want is to accidentally use a name that has been trademarked or get accused of copyright.

It’s also advisable to choose a domain name that is more brandable. A domain name such as Amazon.com is certainly more brandable than Purchasebooksonline.com. Make it catchy and unique.

Keep It Short

Keywords are certainly crucial, but avoid going overboard with domain name length. It is always best to have a domain name that is short and memorable. Keep the domain name under 15 words. Any longer than this and people will have a hard time remembering it. Not to forget that users become more prone to making typos with longer names, meaning you’ll only increase the chances of losing out on traffic. So, ensure you keep your domain name short.

With these tips, you will certainly be able to come up with a domain name that will help build your brand and increase traffic.


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Don’t Rush Your Home Business Start-Up

You’ve no doubt heard the saying ‘Haste makes waste’? It’s true sometimes and it is better to be ‘safe than sorry’. If we are not sufficiently logical in making our decision we could be wasting our time and money. There are junctures where you need to spend time to try to keep from making mistakes.


take your time!

However once we get it rolling, we can’t be in a rush to see results. You need to do the time to develop your process and build momentum. If you are looking for results after putting out 1 ad or waiting 2 days, you are kidding yourself. You will need to keep advertising and doing the work even after you get that first sale. It takes preparation, maintenance, (effort) and patience (time)!

It is just plain silly for people to believe that somehow even if they have no previous experience in marketing and advertising online that they are going to be instantly successful. You must make a point of reading anything written by experienced Internet marketers that tells how they struggled to get off the ground and saw it through until they achieved the success they now enjoy.

Many people who are not realistic may make some attempt for a short-time to promote a business, but for some reason they can’t seem to understand it is not as easy as people can make it sound. This is only important so that you do not become discouraged right off and give up before you give yourself a chance.

Unless you have a list of existing customers and prospects, you will need to spend some time creating one as you go along. Don’t wait, start advertising as soon as you can. However understand that it is much easier to appeal to someone with whom you have at least name recognition.

Not everybody who sees an ad will respond. In fact only a few will. It is a lot like ‘finding a needle in a haystack’. You have to eliminate all the people who are not interested in home business and you need to find the few that will show an interest and respond at least for more information.

If you want to have a real online business that generates income, you can’t stop just because you make one sale. You must keep it up to find the second one and so forth. Your business may involve either one-time sales or if you are for example an affiliate marketer, residual income. While the latter lets you continue to earn income in the future from the initial sale, people may quit at some point,and you will need to find new sources of income. Don’t wait until you are fresh out. Be prepared for the inevitable to keep your business afloat.

Home Business Start-Up – Credit or Savings?

You may be playing a losing game if you are using credit to fund your business start-up, unless you are prepared to pay your entire balance each month. The maze begins because when you have cash you need to pay your credit card and other bills. If you need cash even for necessities, you are forced to use your credit, aka ‘funny money’.


make it don't fake it

It may just seem natural to use your card for business expenses, particularly online where you may be required to use a credit card in order to make a purchase. If you start planning to start a business by creating a savings account that will be for business operating expenses, it makes much more sense to your bottom line. If you have saved sufficient funds in your savings account to make a purchase, then use the credit card, but prepare to pay the entire balance from your savings as soon as you can (try not to accrue interest) and no need to since you already have the money to pay.

Ask yourself if you have any gambling addictions or compulsive spending habits. Please be honest with yourself because if you do, then you have to be very disciplined in your spending, more so than others who do not feel compulsive about spending money. You should definitely get serious about this before you go bankrupt. Your situation can get out of control if you do not have enough income to cover your expenses. Never speculate, which even with a fancy name is still gambling.

If you are using credit now, do some simple math with examples. Do some calculations that prove how interest due on the money you borrow from your credit card adds up quickly and compounds. It is costing you a lot of money to use credit instead of cash (savings). Never spend more than you have immediate custody of, no matter what the excuse, including investing in your business. Only use your credit line for emergencies, other than what you can pay each month to erase any balance, as defined above.

Preparing for the unexpected should be done before it happens. You never know when the unexpected will happen. The idea to be prepared ‘just in case’ is a good, safe one. We hope nothing catastrophic ever happens, and if it doesn’t you have a windfall. We need both savings for emergencies and a business operating budget. You can probably have two free savings accounts with minimum balances.

If necessary part of your business plan should start with how much money you have to invest each month to fund the start-up. You should start putting away money into a savings account if you have a job, each payday. Even $5 will add up believe it or not if you are consistent and don’t use it.

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