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  • What If You Simply Do The Opposite?

    What If You Simply Do The Opposite?

    Over and over we hear how to succeed, how to achieve our goals and dreams, and so forth. And yet, somehow most people are falling far short of those goals and dreams… Now why is that? Perhaps it’s time to do the opposite. In a famous episode of Seinfeld, George Costanza was a perennial loser…

  • Home Alone? Stay Busy

    Home Alone? Stay Busy

    Being home alone whether you have a home business or not, there are some things that may be true either way. Being home is wonderful but it can be lonely if you are more of a ‘people person’. You can get used to it though. There are ways within reason that you can be happy,…

  • Take your Home Business Seriously

    Take your Home Business Seriously

    You may consider a home business as a ‘hobby’ because you already work a full-time ‘day job’. However if you would really like to have a money-making business, or even dream of being self-employed full time someday, listen up. While the environment working from home can be one that is more relaxed and comfortable than…