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  • Home Biz Entrepreneur – Use Your Head

    Home Biz Entrepreneur – Use Your Head

    Mainly in that it is easier to learn with ‘hands on’ strategy for most people, you need to start thinking for yourself. Unless you are not given any instructions you shouldn’t automatically contact support to have them do things for you. What do you learn by having someone else do something? Nothing.

    not always free

    In most cases support won’t do something for you that they know there are instructions for and that you can do yourself. There is no excuse here like ‘I can’t’. There is no can’t. If you want something then you need to learn about it and be able to do it going forward.

    If you have the money to pay for technical support that is up to you – however again, you won’t learn anything and you will always need help. That is not the real idea of having your own home business where you are the boss and know how your busi

  • Money Making Internet Strategies

    Money Making Internet Strategies

    Search engines are the key to everything on the Internet. They are more than just the ‘traffic cops’ – they are the source of information and communication online. Hence, the primary Internet money making strategies involve using search engine optimization (free) and search engine marketing (not so much).


    When you first start out with your idea to start a business, all the way to where you are actually taking action to develop and maintain your business online, the search engines will be key to finding the resources you need.

    The search engines just need a couple words to describe your idea and they will build on that to give what you what you need to create more ideas, and to provide examples and statistics. Research is really key and you shouldn’t rush through this stage. It is important that you understand all that is involved and to determine whether it is f

  • Staying Motivated to Achieve Your Money-Making Goals

    Staying Motivated to Achieve Your Money-Making Goals

    There is definitely an art to achieving your goals. Part of that is staying motivated. With a job and a boss, keeping your job would be enough motivation for you to do what you are required to get your paycheck. There is also structure where you have defined duties to perform in a certain time period.

    stay motivated!

    When you are your own boss working from home to build your own online business, you have to have discipline and make a commitment to yourself. It is all too easy to tell yourself you will do it tomorrow or next week; so in setting your goals it will help you if you give yourself deadlines (and try not to make excuses for why you did not achieve what you set out to do). At the same time don’t give up if you don’t make it – just set another deadline and try harder to meet it.

    In creating a plan for yourself for example, don’t say ‘publ