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Start a Business from Home and Take Control

Still working at a job? Hopefully you are being paid fairly and like what you are doing. It is also important that you are happy in the atmosphere where you work.




None of the above are guaranteed. There are situations where we must do things we really don’t especially like to support ourselves. We may not be paid what our skills and experience deserve. None of that seems so bad if we ever suffer the misfortune of finding our job is gone through no fault of our own. (down-sizing, out-sourcing, etc., aka ‘laid off’).

It is a completely sound idea to be prepared for anything that may happen unexpectedly. It’s a whole different story to be unprepared. For example it is Friday afternoon (Friday is the day of the week recommended for letting people go. This supposedly gives them the weekend to recover from the shock).

As well, and more important to the company, the employee doesn’t have much time to sabotage any of the systems before they have to check out for the last time. So you may get a ‘pink slip’ out of nowhere. If the company has any decency they are giving you pay in lieu of notice or at least notice of 14 to 30-days.

How will you survive until you find another job? You first need to calculate what money you still have without your regular paycheck. During the ‘notice’ period, there may be accrued vacation they may pay you for. They may offer severance pay as well.

There are a few options you have that are ‘safe harbor’. Start your own online business today. Believe it or not you can be in business for yourself within 24-hours. Just search for ‘affiliate programs’ and you will have a product and a free webpage to advertise; as well as other resources including some training to get started right away.

The other ‘emergency recovery’ option is to apply to at least one temporary agency. It may take a few hours to have your skill levels tested, but then at least you have some hope of money to survive with while you are looking for a more permanent position. Keep checking in with them to see if they have any assignments. They will have both short-term and long-term jobs and you will be paid weekly.

It is important to remind yourself that you will survive and that prior to this situation you were doing fine. As recently as maybe a week! It is important to keep your confidence level up so that you ‘shine’ for those people who will be interviewing you and making decisions about your life.

That is one more reminder of how it is so much less risky to only depend on yourself to decide what you will do to earn money aka start your own business now. In fact why wait for a catastrophe? You could be taking control doing your part-time home business while still working the day job. If you are wise you will save every dime in case you need it someday.

Promoting an Online Business – Writing Content

Writing is a primary skill for the Internet marketer. Don’t panic. If you can talk, you can write. It is as simple as that. It is about having a conversation. You are actually addressing the world, and many people may read your content and understand it in a different way.


write on!

This is not exactly like talking to yourself. However you are really not getting any response, or even facial expressions, so you have to try to imagine and keep the conversation going on your own. A question and answer format is a good possibility however. In fact that is actually a good way to describe the features of whatever it is you are promoting.

Specifically, you can pose a problem (a question) and then define a solution (an answer) which involves what you are selling! An example would be ‘Does not having enough money to enjoy your life bother you? (problem).’ ‘If you answered yes, then maybe you need to check out this money-making opportunity’. (solution)

Provable facts and statistics are very powerful and may really make the difference between someone believing what you are saying or not. You can for instance list the features and functions of the product. You can quote a study or a statement you may find by doing some research in Internet search engines like Google. You could also include ‘testimonials’ as long as they are honest (not paid for or bribed).

When you have a business, there are many opportunities to write ads in various mediums, to post to your blog, to post to social network ‘walls’, in business forums, and in email communications. You might someday create an eBook. It is not required that you create Pulitzer Prize winning content. It only requires you to be somewhat clear (organized and honest)so someone else can understand what you are trying to convey.

The key to doing your own writing for your business is to just start doing it. Get it all out there and then go back and improve upon it if you feel it is necessary. Proofread your grammar and spelling. Just stop feeling that you don’t know enough or you don’t write well enough. Practice makes perfect.

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Building Components for an Online Business

The idea for the business would seem to be the most important thing to consider when you are creating a plan to start a business online. Ideas may include products or services to sell, and also the entire concept. The concept would be the look and feel (environment) etc. Your presentation is key as well – your website design and format, your advertising and marketing content is important in attracting people and keeping them interested.

motivation fuels the ride

It would be important to know if there is a market for what you plan to promote. It is very logical that it is more difficult if we choose the product and then try to find somebody that wants it. The ‘path of least resistance’ would be to do some research to learn what the market wants and then give it to them. Think about that. It is a whole different dynamic when they come to you for something they want, than if you are chasing them down to try to convince them.

Your motivation is important. Determine how badly you want to have a business and why. It probably should be more than ‘need money’. You should have a passion – (besides the money). Motivation may arise as a result of your dissatisfaction with where you find yourself. For instance you are not making as much money as you want or need; or maybe you are not doing something that you like to do.

There can be other negative factors associated with politics in our workplace environment. A huge motivation would be if you are about to lose your job, love it or hate it, or have already been terminated. You know you need to do something fast and as for a home business it can be either part or full-time. Realistically if you don’t have severance pay or unemployment insurance, you should probably focus first on replacing your full-time income.

Any of these things can motivate you to start building your own successful home business. If you put a lot of effort and time into developing your business, and are patient with the process, you are likely to eventually achieve your goals for success. Just don’t give up. One thing that must be part of your mindset is that you are not in a rush. You are realistically building a business from the ground up. There is no magic that will have money popping out of your computer in 2-days – or maybe even 2-months. That is why you have to be strong in your motivation to see it through. Otherwise why bother?