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  • Why Would You Do This?

    Why Would You Do This?

    When you have to go to an online helpdesk or support site for assistance it is assumed that there is something that you do not know how to do or are confused about. That is why they are there to hopefully be able to assist you. We have all at one time or another no doubt needed direction. However the question is, then why would you ignore what they tell you in answer to your query, or worse argue with them as if you know better?

    play nice

    It is very enjoyable to help people and it can give one a serious good feeling of gratification when they express their appreciation to any degree from a plain ‘thank you’ all the way to a ‘you rock’. Obviously it is the other group that is the trouble for a customer service person. Maybe it is stubbornness or pride that someone, while they can force themselves to ask, really can’t accept someone else’s opinion, or maybe they just nee