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  • To Promote Your Internet Home Business Use the Power of Search Engines

    To Promote Your Internet Home Business Use the Power of Search Engines

    Search engines (SE) can either make or break your Internet business. You want to do as much as you can to optimize your website and advertising to take advantage of the benefits that the search engines can provide. You also want to take care not to do anything to get on their bad side.

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    You have probably heard the saying that ‘content is king’. That means that it is not some technical mumbo-jumbo that you need to learn. You need to provide a steady stream of good, original content (information) for your website visitors. This is what search engines call ‘value’. If you want the SEs to send traffic to your site, be sure that your site has ‘value’.

    Even more accurately the saying should be ‘fresh content is king’. When the SE robots ‘crawl’ your site they are looking for new information. Initially when y

  • Got Writer’s Block? Blogging for Internet Marketing

    Got Writer’s Block? Blogging for Internet Marketing

    Writer’s block is probably more about a lack of ideas to write about than the actual inability to write. When someone is new and they can’t really determine how successful they have been yet, some people will feel they have nothing to say or that they could swear is true since they haven’t had the experience. These are just temporary obstacles if a person really wants to write.

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    Marketers NEED to be able to write – no matter what. No excuses unless you can afford to pay for Ghostwriters, Blogging is the primary FREE way to promote a domain, website or business. This is not just a ‘file and forget’ fact. To do so would be to waste a valuable strategy that would create an opportunity to have your site(s) indexed by the search engines and get free traffic.

    We must force ourselves to write, and it is not only blogging, bu

  • Designing a Business Opportunity Website

    Designing a Business Opportunity Website

    There are some important points one should consider when designing a business opportunity website. The main idea is to attract search engines so that they will send traffic that is targeted. Of course it is also relevant that we attract and welcome prospective customers that will visit the site.

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    When it comes to search engines, it is actually best to focus in one niche. This is because you want to make it easy for them to index your site. That index is all-important to any business because this is where searchers will find the links they are inquiring about.

    Having a good list of keywords that you use in your content and advertising is one way to define your focus. The best kind of traffic is targeted as it focuses on what you have to offer. So one of the first things you should do when designing your website is to do some keyword research. This is a very impor