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  • Are You Standing in Your Own Way for a Successful Home Business?

    Are You Standing in Your Own Way for a Successful Home Business?

    There are some mindsets that may prevent people from realizing their full potential when trying to get their home business started. Most ideas require more than a ‘vision’ to manifest. We have to make them happen by investing our time and effort to engage in w-o-r-k.

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    There are sometimes symptoms when there are obstacles people can’t seem to transcend. ‘Paralysis by analysis’ is one such self-limiting condition. Paralysis by analysis is where people get stuck in the learning curve – like a hamster wheel. All they want to do is just keep reading and researching. They never reach a point where they can believe they know enough to actually take action with any of the information they have acquired in all their time of ‘study’.

    Paralysis by analysis is very much like stage fright. However, it can also be a more or less perma

  • Working at Home – Is Information Really Power?

    Working at Home – Is Information Really Power?

    Yes, information is power but only if you use the information to do something. Just having knowledge while good, does not really do much to help anyone. There are many people that never feel they know enough to actually do something with what they have learned. They just keep reading and learning and never get off the dime.

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    This can be referred to as ‘paralysis by analysis’ for one thing. What is needed here is a great big dose of self-confidence to feel that you are worthy to take what you have learned and do something useful with it. This is just so you can believe that you have valuable information and that you do understand it well enough to share it in some way.

    There may be other factors at play when someone just can’t get past the learning curve, other than lack of self-confidence. It may be a mechanism that you employ purposely (albeit

  • Start a Business – Take a Walk on the Wide Open Side

    Start a Business – Take a Walk on the Wide Open Side

    To describe ‘wide open’ best let’s use an analogy of your regular life up to now, to show the difference. Life is almost always the same every day as far as most things. You have a job thankfully and support yourself and/or your family as best as you can with what you are able to earn. If there is extra you may enjoy buying new things and try to have a good time.

    Your salary may or may not change annually depending on your employment arrangement. According to your original agreement when you were hired, you have a base-salary. Usually there are annual performance evaluations. There is usually a set percentage if there are to be any increases based on merit. Some companies may give cost of living increases.

    While it is fortunate that you have a job, your ability to progress is limited. Your actual mental horizons are limited in addition to your financial s