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  • Staying in the Game With Your Home Business

    Staying in the Game With Your Home Business

    Our lives sometimes have unexpected twists and turns and we need to take detours. For instance, it may be that we had determined that we had X number of hours to spend working on our business at the beginning. However, then our hours at our day job were increased.

    roll with the punches

    Another example might be that our finances may change when something essential had an increase in cost. Now we don’t have the same amount of money for operating our business. Last example, we had a full-time job and have been developing our home business slowly, part-time. We then find out that the day job will be eliminated and we need to find a new full-time position in a short span of time.

    Eventually the idea is to devote more time to our home business and make it our primary source of income. Be sure you have the replacement income secured first, if that is your plan.

  • Start a Home Business to Earn More Money

    Start a Home Business to Earn More Money

    Just about everybody could use more money than what they have. In fact it seems like the more you have the more you spend, right? Well, ok, normal but it may also be a good idea to stash $5 in savings each time we get a little extra. In fact we should create extra just for savings. Whatever else you are able to earn, then that could be for anything you need or want.

    Extra Money

    It may seem boring to see the word ‘savings’ right when you were all excited about the prospect of having ‘mad money’ (money you have been living without but which would be nice to have). It may also have occurred to you how boring it is to know you have agreed on an annual salary for your current job and nothing will change that sooner.

    At the best you can put forth extra effort in the hope that you will be recognized and your salary will increase next year. You may also shoot for a bonus o

  • Build a Home Biz – Do Something Different

    Build a Home Biz – Do Something Different

    Is your life pretty much always the same? Get up, go to work, come home, watch TV or go online and waste time? Once in a while do you go to the gym or ‘out on the town’? Boring, right? Did you ever think you might like to do something different?
    do something new

    Why not try something that could not only be fun but might advance you financially as well as psychologically? There is nothing more healthy than having new ideas and then acting on them eventually. There may be nothing cooler than firing off a few neurons to your own benefit.

    Sure you could always stay the same in your comfort zone and still be pretty happy. However things could be more like fireworks on the holidays or doing something special to change this up a little. You know how that excited feeling can last you a few days or even a week when you have done something different? That is more like the reality