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  • Home Business Potential – Don’t be Afraid

    Home Business Potential – Don’t be Afraid

    Do you buy lottery tickets in any form? That’s a big gamble with a huge win/lose ratio. If you stick to a budget of a few dollars and have discipline, not too serious. However still a real small potential to win. If you get a thrill anyway, go for it – again as long as you have control over your gambling ‘instincts’. If not just don’t go there ever, at all, period.


    A much better gamble would be to invest that money to start a home business. A million dollars will not flush themselves out of your computer magically. Not even doughnuts and coffee. However if you can create a plan you might have an intelligent gamble with little risk. You may make some money someday if you work at it.

    The fear of losing a few dollars in this way somehow seems to trump the stupid gambles and therefore people usually don’t even try. If they realized how few dollars are necessary

  • Willing to Sacrifice to Start a Home Business?

    Willing to Sacrifice to Start a Home Business?

    This is a big question because the sacrifices you may be required to make may cover a lot of your life. For example are you willing to sacrifice your free time? Are you willing to sacrifice your spare change? It would be nice if these sacrifices would show a direct benefit immediately. However in most cases if you are new to Internet Marketing, it may take you a while to see anything in return for your sacrifice.

    it's worth it

    Pretty much anybody who ever tried to do anything significant has had to sacrifice something in order to get it. Very few things are ever delivered ‘on a silver platter’. However sometimes if you think ahead and have a long-range plan, you might mitigate the sense of having to give up something to get what you want.

    This can be as simple as squirreling away $5 a week. That is less than or equal to one lunch out or one fancy coffee, and it adds up to

  • What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up?

    What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up?

    Like most kids, you probably wanted to be something different every year. Then there were those few that were really ‘called’ to be something. The discipline required may have had to start at a very young age to accomplish that goal by adulthood.

    grow up more

    Unfortunately with most of the dreams being unachievable for one reason or another, few of us are what we envisioned becoming. Thankfully this has not left a lasting scar or feeling of failure as we have forgotten or just lost interest. Many of us are satisfied at least to a degree with what we ended up doing.

    On the other hand, maybe doing ‘whatever’ is not that satisfying. Whether it is conscious or sub-conscious we may be bored and feeling ‘under-utilized’. We may secretly still dream of doing more than we are right now. With most of us we are more or less stuck, degrees or not, with whatever jobs we are able