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  • Starting an Internet Business

    Starting an Internet Business

    Taking action is the key to everything. While a thought or idea usually brings things to the fore, we have to do something to make them reality! We should start by analyzing our situation. Why do you want to start a business at home? Do you need extra money? Or even another whole income?

    get started yesterday!

    Although business and money seem to go hand in hand, there are other intangible elements that could be motivating you to think about starting your own business. For instance, you might be in a rut at work, or even wish you had a different job; or you know you could achieve more and you want to be more interested in what you are doing; maybe you would like to be with your family more, or are bored with staying at home to take care of kids or others.

    Additional circumstances which may leave you dreaming about starting your own business, are such as when you h

  • Build a Business – Life is Too Short to be Miserable

    Build a Business – Life is Too Short to be Miserable

    There are many circumstances that may have developed in your life where you were not quite able to reach your maximum potential. You may have had desires and imagined possibilities that never really materialized for one reason or another.
    don't worry be happy

    Of course happiness and self-esteem come from within and can be present no matter what your circumstances, but sometimes you really wish you could do more than you are doing. Many times we are forced to accept what is available to survive. Although we should be very thankful that we do have options, if there are an opportunities to create a higher level of happiness and satisfaction, why not go for it?

    So you are forced to work on the hamster wheel and have a job you don’t particularly enjoy just to make money to survive. Again you are blessed to have options, so right there things are not that bad. However things can ad

  • Home Biz 101: Breathing

    Home Biz 101: Breathing

    Yes breathing. We can’t say it is over-rated as it is actually life. We do take it for granted though. We are busy breathing morning, noon and night and we don’t take any notice of it. However did you know if we do remember to be aware of our breathing it can make a big difference in how we perceive and react to situations?

    breath deep!

    Particularly when people are stressed as in starting a business or because they are learning something new, this the very time when they go to pieces. They don’t see what is in front of them but start to flounder around and make mistakes. Obviously if they can read the directions or follow the instructions they would be better off.

    Sometimes in order to be able to function properly we need to calm down. There is too much noise and chaos when we are stressed and it is no wonder that we only see or hear half of what is there when our minds