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  • Starting a New Business – Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

    Starting a New Business – Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

    Did you ever hear the saying ‘there is nothing to fear except fear itself’? Think about that for a minute – it seems to say fear creates itself and really has no basis – there is nothing to actually fear.


    The same thing could be said about thoughts of doubt or skepticism. For whatever reason, there is a lot of low self-esteem going around. It can be the result of having harsh criticism from others, or of never being able to please our ‘authority figures’. They mean well, supposedly, and just want you to do your best.

    However it appears your best is never good enough for them because they wrongly think that by telling you to always ‘aim higher’, or pitting you against someone who is more proficient to compete with them, that this will somehow compel you to be their champion! An “A” is not even good enough &#8211