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  • Conquering Your Business Fears

    Conquering Your Business Fears

    It is commonly said that you have to be a risk taker in order to succeed in business. All successful business people at one point or another have had to take risks. Not all individuals who start businesses succeed. In fact, many businesses close down during the first year of operations. You have to carefully…

  • You Are in Competition with Netflix

    You Are in Competition with Netflix

    Well now, that’s a sobering thought, isn’t it? And it’s not just Netflix. You are in competition with Reddit, YouTube, Amazon, social media, video games and every website out there for your prospect’s attention. Scary, right? But before you give up and curl yourself into a self-defeated ball, consider this: You have a message that…

  • Transform your Life With a Home-Based Business

    Transform your Life With a Home-Based Business

    Whether personally or globally, our economy can have radical shifts. ‘Feast or Famine’. Unfortunately the ‘cost of living’ doesn’t change very often. Many are thinking of or already working at home. For several reasons it is probably best to do this part-time at first. Working from home has many advantages. Besides being able to have…