Take a Chance – Realize You are the Determining Factor

Everything is a chance. Walking out the door in the morning is taking a chance. Nobody knows how anything will turn out. Here we are referring to taking a chance on for example starting an online business from home. It’s a chance. You may make a bunch of money and have a ball, or you may hate it and fail miserably.

Take a chance! Pass Go!

The thing to remember is that there is no magic about anything. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen. In other words if you take a chance and start a business, then it depends on how much effort and interest you invest in that business as to whether or not it will succeed. There are of course other factors that we don’t control that determine if a business succeeds at any given time.

The point is that you can override whatever other conditions may prevail at any given time. Even if that means postpone, wait a little while and try again. Really the real winning way is to keep trying and keep forging ahead. Even if it is not a good time you will still contribute to your positive momentum if you just keep moving forward.

There are always going to be obstacles – it is just a part of life and business is no exception. You should look at these like a challenge to be overcome. Since we are not Superman, it may not always be possible to conquer every obstacle on the spot. However you can find a way around it and go back to it later. No telling what may change in your favor that will produce a different outcome.

It is actually a really bad idea to let obstacles cause you to stop trying or give up. Then you let them win. If you want to be the winner, then again you learn how to go around things, or create ‘workarounds’ or just simply postpone briefly. There are usually more than one way to do something and if you stop and think about things when you encounter an obstacle, you may come up with something very creative and which is an even better idea than the one that has the issue.

It is very common for human nature to always blame somebody else or something else when they fail. The truth is there is no fault, there are only conditions or situations. To the degree that we can control things, if we fail it is usually because we gave up or didn’t try in the first place. So if you join a company or program and you fall flat – ask yourself how it is others are doing fine with the very same program. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over to try again.

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