Tangible & Intangible Benefits of Working from Home

Most people just accept their lot, that they have to just live with whatever inconveniences and unpleasantness are associated with earning a living. These can include being away from your family for extended periods, having a tough commute, a company that does not pay you as much as you need, and even unfairness or hostility of various kinds.

benefits of working from home

Some people are able to work in a field and for a company of their own choice, others have to take whatever they can get nowadays. If you are fortunate enough to have a good job it is hoped that you will be able to keep it, but that is often not the case. We have all witnessed through the various recessions, that even in companies that appear to be doing well, they will be forced to ‘reorganize’ or ‘downsize’. Often people who have been doing an excellent job are let go for no other reason than cost-cutting of some kind.

Whether or not it is expected, and it usually isn’t, it is a shocking situation. One side of your brain will tell you not to worry, you will find another job, while the other may have doubts, having seen stories of even highly educated people who are unable to find work. Somewhere in the middle your brain is doing calculations on how much money you have saved, benefits, insurance, etc., and how long that will ‘tide you over’. You are in disaster mode no matter how you look at it.

If this has ever happened to you then you will understand the reality of being prepared for the unexpected. One very good way is to start your own business working from home in your spare time. If you have developed a plan and executed as much of it as you could, you will be in a better position to ‘land on your feet’. At least you have some idea of ways to make money on your own, and have done some research and planning so you won’t feel completely disoriented.

Right off the bat if you suddenly find yourself in the position of no job to go to, you will start saving money. Believe it or not. When you stop to calculate how much it costs you to go to work, including child care, transportation, grooming, eating your meals out, etc., you will start to realize the money that is staying in your pocket by not going to work.

In this same regard, you will not miss the stress of living by the clock, starting from the blaring alarm in the morning, rushing around to get ready on time, and battling the aggravation of traffic jams and delays. Your life is your own now. Although you do need to have some structure to have a home business, it is on your own terms. If you feel like working at midnight you can. You can spend your days out of doors or doing something that you enjoy, as long as you make a commitment to yourself that you will work for a reasonable period of time to accomplish what is necessary to earn a living.

Particularly in that we spend the greater part of our lives working, it is important to feel good about what we are doing. It’s okay to compromise to a certain degree, but it is equally important to be happy. Stress is very bad for not only your health but your important relationships may suffer because you are ‘not yourself’ if you are miserable with your life. So make sure to make a real effort to create an environment for yourself that is secure, peaceful and free!

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