The Balancing Act: Managing Multilevel Marketing and your ADHD Child

Anyone managing a multilevel marketing business will tell you it is a balancing act between family responsibilities and business necessities. Ask a parent with an ADD or ADHD child at home, and they will tell you just how precarious that balancing act can be without proper planning. The following ideas are designed to help you balance your business with the needs of a challenging child so that both thrive.

First, break your business responsibilities into as many small steps as possible. Just as a child with ADHD does better with small tasks that combine to achieve larger ones, your business can accomplish great things even as you divide them into quick, five minute tasks. Planning time, organization of calls to make, creation of new sales pitches, research on new cold call markets, and product research are all important steps to progress that can be done in moments of down time. Don’t expect long stretches of free time to achieve your business dreams if you are taking care of busy children, but don’t feel like you have to sacrifice your business either. Accept that the synergy of each small thing you do towards success creates a greater overall effect.

Second, when possible, consider working around your family’s schedule, rather that putting your business first. Putting your family first might seem like the right thing to do, but it is also the easier way to juggle your business responsibilities with your family. When your children are engaged in activities, you can feel free to plan, make calls, and work on new pitches. Use time when your kids are playing, eating dinner, doing chores, taking baths, or with their other parent.

Third, don’t be afraid to ask for help. More specifically, look for help. College students often make great part time nannies and cost a lot less. Hire someone for a few hours a few nights a week and you will find that you can accomplish much more than trying to juggle everything alone. Especially if you work a full time job in addition to your multilevel marketing position, this time to work on your business is essential. Many education majors actually have experience and need additional experience working with ADD children, so you are helping your nanny as much as they are helping you.

A family, particularly a challenging one, doesn’t have to mean the end of your business dreams. Learn to balance the demands by breaking up large tasks and goals, and you will achieve success while modeling helpful skills for your child.

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