The Best Online Business Opportunities for College Students

When most of us graduate college, the feeling of euphoria is quickly replaced with the dread of having to pay back mountains of student loan debt. But what if your debt wasn’t so big? What if you could have worked, even on a part-time basis, while in college to help chisel away at the money you owe? It might be too late for those of us who have already graduated, but for those of you starting school or currently enrolled, never fear, because of a ton of good money making opportunities await you online, perfect for being a student.

The most obvious one is tutoring. If you really excel at a subject, odds are there are other students out there who are struggling. The best part is with the internet, you don’t need to limit your tutoring to just your school. Get on message boards for other chools. Post your services on Craigslist for other cities. You can even sell or post your class notes online. Online tutoring is huge. If you really stand out in a certain subject, put those skills to work for you online.

Ebay is great way to for college students to make money. Look around your dorm room. It’s probably a mess! Some of that “mess” could be converted into good money on Ebay. Also, use your Ebay skills to help other students, as you can photograph and list their items on Ebay for them, of course taking a nice commission.

Ever see a student walking around campus with a funny saying on their shirt and say “I had that same idea?” With sites like, you can be the one making the shirts! You can come up with a slogan or statement about campus life, or life in general, and then you design the shirt on Let everyone know about it on your Facebook page and Craigslist and then you get a percentage of every sale.

Designing calendars. Building websites. Writing blogs. These are just a few more ways you can make money online as a college student. You’re limited only by your imagination. Sure time is at a premium but these suggestions don’t require an 8 hour day and can certainly help you make a dent in that pile of student loan debt.

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