The Ever-Evolving Definition of Blogging

Originally the word ‘blog’ was short for ‘web log’. Literally it is/was something akin to an online diary where people just recorded their daily activities. However, the definition of blogging is very much in flux, as always unfolding new technologies evolve that may redefine what a blog can do for a business.


For many years, blogs were assumed to be text-based messages on websites. They always were an invaluable way to advertise your business discreetly because they are a permanent record. As long as you keep the blog going, your business will be promoted online. This is versus most advertising that has parameters such as how many times it will be displayed or for what period of time.

Now the applications that can be promoted by blogging are just endless. Many businesses, even offline businesses, have blogs and use them for a variety of things such as the latest technical news, or to have a question and answer facility. Millions can see the answer to one person asking a common question and it being answered by an acknowledged expert. This keeps down the need for an intense customer service response as well as it may help to promote sales when people have any reservations they may have dispelled by the Q&A format.

Of course there are still just fun blogs where people can discuss anything they want to from relationships to hobbies and interests. As well people with various agendas such as politics, religion, etc. have made good use of blogging. Even these can represent income if done properly. The more bloggers began to explore all the ways that they can use a blog for their own purposes, whatever they are, the more the boundaries of what could be called a “blog” can be expanded and ‘monetized’.

As blogging has evolved, plain text has expanded into text with graphics or photos and then to videos. Now mobile blogging devices will add to the many ways blogging can be purposed. It seems like the possibilities are endless. Not to mention the scope of the audience is world-wide and there are many ways to generate traffic to a blog so that people will see it.

So the only surprise is there are still people who want to believe they don’t know how to blog and refuse to accept the fact that it is nearly idiot-proof once it is set up. Ok so this can be a little technical to get started. Certainly though almost anyone who knows how to log on to the Internet can find a way to sign up for a blogging service and set up the account. Then it is menu driven – something really not difficult like following prompts to ‘Post’ and “Add new’ (write something) or ‘Edit’ (fix something) and then ‘Publish’. Boom. You are broadcasting to gazillions!

As they say, ‘where there is a will there is a way’ and in this case there is an easy way. For all of the value that blogging can add to any business, it seems like people at all levels will make it a priority to figure out how to use this medium for their own benefit. It’s easy and it’s free – what more can you ask!

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