The “Magic” Email

If you’re trying to contact business and they’re ignoring your emails, here’s what you do. Send them the “magic” email.


Magic Email

I didn’t name this. In fact, you can find several good articles about the magic email online.

And no, it’s not really magic. But in many cases it does indeed get a person to talk to you and even invite you for a meeting.

It works like this:

You’ve sent out one or more emails to your leads. Some have answered, some have not. Some of those who initially answered are now ignoring you.

For all those who are not communicating, send them this email:

“Since I have not heard from you on this, I have to assume your priorities have changed.”

You can add to this or send it as is. I’m told (I haven’t tried this myself) that your response rate will typically be 50% or more, which is really, really good.

Why does it work? Because you don’t sound needy. Heck, you don’t sound like you need them at all. You’re making it clear you are moving on. And when you take something away from someone, what happens? They suddenly WANT it. So they reply back – often immediately – to try to keep you from walking away.

Try it – you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty of sales to be gained.

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